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arm1 US English

Each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand

arm2 US English

Supply or provide with weapons

ARM US English

Adjustable-rate mortgage

arm US Thesaurus

an arm of the sea

air arm US English

An airborne division of a land army or naval force.

ice arm US English

An arm or projecting portion of ice.

one-arm US English

Performed with, or using, only one arm.

pre-arm US English

To arm beforehand.

arm candy US English

A sexually attractive companion accompanying a person, especially a celebrity, at social events

float arm US English

The hinged arm attached to the ball float in the ballcock of a toilet tank

free arm US English

A protruding arm on a sewing machine, designed to facilitate the sewing of tube-shaped items such as sleeves and trouser legs.

mouth arm US English

Any of several elongated, usually frilled lobes surrounding the mouth in certain jellyfishes and involved in the capture and ingestion of prey.

rein arm US English

The arm of which the rein hand forms a part.

right arm US English

One’s most reliable helper

round-arm US English

(Of bowling) performed with an outward horizontal swing of the arm

short-arm US English

Denoting a blow or throw executed with the arm not fully extended or with motion from the elbow only

stiff-arm US English

Tackle or fend off (a person) by extending an arm rigidly

tone arm US English

The movable arm supporting the pickup of a record player

arm in arm US English

(Of two or more people) with arms linked

pencil arm US English

The arm of a device, especially a pair of compasses, that holds a pencil for marking, recording measurements, etc.

pickup arm US English

(In a gramophone, record deck, etc.) a movable arm carrying the stylus or needle at one end.

pistol arm US English

The arm with which a person uses a pistol.

queen's arm US English

A type of musket dating from the reign of Queen Anne and commonly used in colonial America and later by American frontiersmen.

rabble arm US English

Each of a number of rotating iron bars or tubes, typically bearing teeth or blades, forming part of a mechanism for stirring or raking material which is being roasted or incinerated.

radius arm US English

= radius rod.

rocker arm US English

A rocking lever in an engine, especially one in an internal combustion engine that serves to work a valve and is operated by a pushrod from the camshaft

secular arm US English

The legal authority of the civil power as invoked by the church to punish offenders

signal arm US English

A pivoted projection on a semaphore, which may be raised and lowered for the purpose of signalling on a railway or at a level crossing.

strong-arm US English

Using or characterized by force or violence

strong-arm US Thesaurus

their strong-arm tactics won't work with me

arm-twisting US English

Persuasion by the use of physical force or moral pressure

arm-wrestling US English

A trial of strength in which two people sit opposite each other with one elbow resting on a table, clasp each other’s hands, and try to force each other’s arm down onto the table

straight-arm US English

Ward off (an opponent) or remove (an obstacle) with the arm straight

arm's-length US English

Avoiding intimacy or close contact

under one's arm US English

Between one’s arm and one’s body

Fleet Air Arm US English

The aviation service of the Royal Navy

one-arm bandit US English

= one-armed bandit.

one-arm joint US English

A cheap restaurant or cafe where the seats have one arm wide enough to hold a plate of food, etc.

one-arm lunch US English

= one-arm joint.

radial arm saw US English

A circular saw which slides along a pivoting horizontal arm that can be repositioned for cutting at different angles.

armed US English

Equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons

at arm's length US English

Away from the body, with the arm fully extended

put the arm on US English

Attempt to force or coerce (someone) to do something

twist someone's arm US English

Persuade someone to do something that they are or might be reluctant to do

within arm's reach US English

Near enough to reach by extending one’s arm

one-arm lunch room US English

= one-arm joint.

give one's right arm US English

Used to convey a strong desire to have or do something

a shot in the arm US English

An encouraging stimulus

cost an arm and a leg US English

Be extremely expensive

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