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arrest US English

Seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody

house arrest US English

The state of being kept as a prisoner in one’s own house, rather than in a prison

cardiac arrest US English

A sudden, sometimes temporary, cessation of function of the heart

citizen's arrest US English

An arrest by an ordinary person without a warrant, allowable in certain cases

arrest of judgment US English

A postponement or stay of a court decision because of a legal challenge or problem

rearrest US English

Arrest (someone) again

arrest US Thesaurus

police arrested him for murder

arrest English-Spanish

detención f, arresto m

house arrest English-Spanish

arresto m domiciliario

arrest warrant English-Spanish

orden f de detención

citizen's arrest English-Spanish

detención llevada a cabo por un ciudadano común

sudden cardiac arrest English-Spanish

paro cardiaco súbito

to resist arrest in arrest English-Spanish

resistirse a la autoridad

to make an arrest in arrest English-Spanish

hacer* una detención

to arrest sb's attention in arrest English-Spanish

atraer* la atención de algn

to be under house arrest in house arrest English-Spanish

encontrarse* bajo arresto domiciliario

a warrant was issued for his arrest in warrant English-Spanish

se expidió una orden de arresto, se ordenó su arresto

newspapers were baying for the arrest of those responsible in bay English-Spanish

la prensa clamaba por que se detuviera a los responsables

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