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arrest US English

Seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody

arrest US Thesaurus

police arrested him for murder

false arrest US English

Arrest contrary to law.

house arrest US English

The state of being kept as a prisoner in one’s own house, rather than in a prison

cardiac arrest US English

A sudden, sometimes temporary, cessation of function of the heart

chamber arrest US English

The state or condition of being confined by the authorities to one's own rooms.

citizen's arrest US English

An arrest by an ordinary person without a warrant, allowable in certain cases

pretextual arrest US English

A valid arrest for a minor offence, made in order to investigate the arrestee for a more serious offence for which there are no legal grounds to make an arrest.

protective arrest US English

= protective custody.

arrest of judgment US English

A postponement or stay of a court decision because of a legal challenge or problem

rearrest US English

Arrest (someone) again