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artist US English

A person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby

con artist US English

A person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true

piss artist US English

A drunkard

war artist US English

An artist employed to draw or paint events and situations arising during a war

pavement artist US English

An artist who draws with coloured chalks on paving stones or paper laid on a pavement to earn money from passers-by

artist's fungus US English

A bracket fungus with a reddish-brown upper surface and a pale lower surface on which scratches remain visible as dark marks, found in both Eurasia and North America

artist's impression US English

A sketch or drawing of someone or something, produced when no photograph is available

con man US English

A man who cheats or tricks someone by means of a confidence game

con artist in con man US English

A man who cheats or tricks someone by means of a confidence game

artist US Thesaurus

a mural artist

artist English-Spanish

artista mf

con artist US Thesaurus

a shady con artist from Toledo

piss artist English-Spanish

borrachín,, bolo,, curda mfEsp, RPlfamiliar/colloquial, pedo,, curdo,, curado,

escape artist English-Spanish

escapista mf

pavement artist English-Spanish

pintor, -tora m,f de aceras

commercial artist English-Spanish

dibujante publicitario,

quick-change artist English-Spanish

transformista mf

con artist in artist English-Spanish

farsante mf, estafador,

drag artist in drag English-Spanish

drag (queen), transformista m

guest artist in guest English-Spanish

artista invitado,

layout artist in layout English-Spanish

maquetador,, diagramador,

a full-blown artist in full-blown English-Spanish

un artista en toda la extensión de la palabra

a little-known artist in known English-Spanish

un artista poco conocido

the artist's breadth of vision in vision English-Spanish

la amplitud de miras del artista

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