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artistic US English

Having or revealing natural creative skill

artistic director US English

The person with overall responsibility for the selection and interpretation of the works performed by a theater, ballet, or opera company

unartistic US English

Not artistic or concerned with art

artistic US Thesaurus

he's very artistic

artistic English-Spanish


her artistic gifts in gift English-Spanish

su talento artístico, sus dotes artísticas

the artistic temperament in artistic English-Spanish

el temperamento artístico

a work of artistic merit in merit English-Spanish

una obra de mérito artístico

people of (an) artistic bent in bent English-Spanish

personas con inclinaciones artísticas

to have musical/artistic talent in talent English-Spanish

tener* talento musical/artístico

he was artistic, like his grandfather in artistic English-Spanish

tenía dotes artísticas, como su abuelo

a period of artistic efflorescence in efflorescence English-Spanish

un período de florecimiento artístico

the political/intellectual/artistic climate in climate English-Spanish

el clima político/intelectual/artístico