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assured US English


assure US English

Tell someone something positively or confidently to dispel any doubts they may have

self-assured US English

Confident in one’s own abilities or character

assured US Thesaurus

an assured demeanor

self-assured US Thesaurus

a self-assured young woman, fresh out of law school

self-assured English-Spanish

seguro de sí mismo

rest assured that … in rest English-Spanish

quédese tranquilo, tenga la seguridad de que …

the play's success was assured in assured English-Spanish

la obra tenía el éxito asegurado

she's very self-assured, not to say arrogant in say English-Spanish

es muy segura de sí misma, por no decir arrogante

granted his cooperation, success seems assured in grant English-Spanish

si contamos con su colaboración, el éxito está asegurado

rest assured: you'll never be troubled by him again in assured English-Spanish

ten la seguridad de que, pierde cuidado: no te volverá a molestar