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attitude US English

A settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior

strike a pose US English

Hold one’s body in a particular position to create an impression

propositional attitude US English

The relation that a person has with a proposition, such as having an opinion concerning it or responding emotionally to it

strike a pose in strike US English

Hold one’s body in a particular position to create an impression

attitude US Thesaurus

you seem ambivalent in your attitude

attitude English-Spanish

actitud f

attitude problem English-Spanish

problema m, de actitud

fear is an attitude of mind in attitude English-Spanish

el miedo es una disposición de ánimo

you'll get nowhere with that attitude in nowhere English-Spanish

con esa actitud no vas a conseguir

his nonchalant attitude to the job in nonchalant English-Spanish

su despreocupada actitud hacia su trabajo

your attitude is rather unhelpful in unhelpful English-Spanish

tu actitud no ayuda mucho que digamos

your attitude/responsibility toward them in toward English-Spanish

tu actitud/responsabilidad para con

their attitude irritated me beyond belief in belief English-Spanish

su actitud me irritó increíblemente

it's his general attitude I object to in general English-Spanish

lo que me molesta es su actitud en general

it's his attitude that I don't like in it English-Spanish

su actitud es lo que no me gusta

I am much saddened by your attitude in much English-Spanish

me entristece sobremanera tu actitud

their attitude was extremely professional in professional English-Spanish

se comportaron como profesionales serios

if you're going to take that attitude, … in take English-Spanish

si te vas a poner así, …, si vas a adoptar esa actitud, …

their attitude bodes ill/well for the project in bode English-Spanish

su actitud no augura nada bueno/promete mucho para el proyecto

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