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aunt US English

The sister of one’s father or mother or the wife of one’s uncle

agony aunt US English

A person who answers letters in an agony column

Aunt Sally US English

A game played in some parts of Britain in which players throw sticks or balls at a wooden dummy

great-aunt US English

An aunt of one’s father or mother

grandaunt US English

another term for great-aunt.

Aunt Sallies in Aunt Sally US English

A dummy used in the game of Aunt Sally

aunt English-Spanish

tía f

grand-aunt English-Spanish

→ great-aunt

great-aunt English-Spanish

tía f abuela

my aunt came to stay in stay English-Spanish

mi tía vino a quedarse unos días

the boy was consigned to the care of his aunt in consign English-Spanish

el niño fue encomendado a su tía, el niño fue confiado al cuidado de su tía