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average US English

A number expressing the central or typical value in a set of data, in particular the mode, median, or (most commonly) the mean, which is calculated by dividing the sum of the values in the set by their number

average US Thesaurus

the price is above the national average

average Joe US English

The (or an) ordinary man; = Everyman.

above-average US English

Attributive Higher or better than average.

goal average US English

The ratio of the numbers of goals scored for and against a team in a series of matches, sometimes used in deciding the team’s position in a table

time average US English

An average evaluated over a period of time (rather than, say, a distance).

batting average US English

The average performance of a batter, expressed as a ratio of a batter’s safe hits per official times at bat

bowling average US English

The number of runs conceded by a bowler per wicket taken

general average US English

(In maritime law) the apportionment of financial liability for the loss arising from the jettisoning of cargo by dividing the costs among all those whose property (ship or cargo) was preserved by the action

moving average US English

A succession of averages derived from successive segments (typically of constant size and overlapping) of a series of values

number-average US English

An average of some parameter of the molecules of a mixture calculated as an arithmetic mean with each individual molecule contributing equally, regardless of size; frequently attributive.

running average US English

= moving average.

fielding average US English

= fielding percentage.

slugging average US English

= slugging percentage.

weighted average US English

An average resulting from the multiplication of each component by a factor reflecting its importance

earned run average US English

A statistic used to measure a pitcher’s effectiveness, obtained by calculating the average number of earned runs scored against the pitcher in every nine innings pitched

your US English

Used to denote someone or something that is familiar or typical of its kind

grade point average US English

An indication of a student’s academic achievement at a college or university, calculated as the total number of grade points received over a given period divided by the total number of credits awarded

average out in average US English

Result in an even distribution; even out

Dow Jones Industrial Average US English

An index of figures indicating the relative price of shares on the New York Stock Exchange, based on the average price of selected stocks

average out at/to in average US English

Result in an average figure of

on average in average US Thesaurus

on average, we get about two million visitors each year

Nikkei average in Nikkei index US English

A figure indicating the relative price of representative shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also called Nikkei average