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bad US English

Of poor quality; inferior or defective

bad US Thesaurus

bad workmanship

give a good account of oneself US English

Make a favorable (or unfavorable) impression through one’s performance

a rotten apple US English

A bad or corrupt person in a group, typically one whose behavior is likely to have a detrimental influence on his or her associates

badder in bad US English

Good; excellent

be in someone's good graces US English

Be regarded by someone with favor (or disfavor)

with good grace US English

In a willing and happy (or reluctant and resentful) manner

be in good odor with someone US English

Be in or out of favor with someone

good show! US English

Used to express approval (or disapproval or dissatisfaction)

keep good time US English

(Of a clock or watch) record time accurately (or inaccurately)

do someone a good turn US English

Do something that is helpful (or unhelpful) for someone

my bad US English

Used to acknowledge responsibility for a mistake

not bad US English

Fairly good

to the bad US English

To ruin

too bad US English

Used to indicate that something is regrettable but now beyond retrieval

bad boy US English

A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior, especially in a particular sphere of activity

bad egg US English

See egg222.

bad blood US English

Ill feeling

bad break US English

A piece of bad luck

bad debt US English

A debt that cannot be recovered

bad faith US English

Intent to deceive

bad form US English

An offense against current social conventions

bad mood US English

An angry or irritable state of mind

bad-mouth US English

Criticize (someone or something); speak disloyally of

bad news US English

A person or thing that is regarded as unpleasant, unlucky, or undesirable

bad breath US English

Unpleasant-smelling breath; halitosis

bad manners US English

Lack of polite or well-bred social behavior

bad-minded US English

Malicious, unsympathetic, or cynical

bad-tempered US English

Easily annoyed or made angry

bad hair day US English

A day on which everything seems to go wrong, characterized as a day on which one’s hair is particularly unmanageable

good call US English

Used to express approval (or criticism) of a person’s decision or suggestion

luck US English

Something regarded as bringing about or portending good or bad things

tough luck US English

Used to express a lack of sympathy

have got it bad US English

Be very powerfully affected emotionally, especially by love

vibes in vibe US English

A person’s emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others

from bad to worse US English

Into an even worse state

good cop, bad cop US English

Used to refer to a police interrogation technique in which one officer feigns a sympathetic or protective attitude while another adopts an aggressive approach

in someone's bad books US English

In disfavor (or favor) with a person

come to a bad end US English

Be led by one’s own actions to ruin or an unpleasant death

cess2 US English

A curse on

habit US English

A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up

medicine US English

(Among North American Indians and some other peoples) a spell, charm, or fetish believed to have healing, protective, or other power

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