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bag US English

A container made of flexible material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things

one's bag in bag US English

One’s particular interest or taste

bag US Thesaurus

I dug around in my bag for a lipstick

bag on US English


go-bag US English

A bag packed with essential items, kept ready for use in the event of an emergency evacuation of one’s home

ho-bag US English

A sexually promiscuous woman; = hosebag.

bag boy US English

A (typically young) male assistant who carries a bag or bags for someone; (now especially) an assistant in a supermarket or other shop who helps customers to pack and carry their purchases.

bin bag US English

A large, strong plastic bag used as a container for household rubbish

ice bag US English

Another term for ice pack111.

kit bag US English

A rectangular canvas bag, used especially for carrying a soldier’s clothes and personal possessions

net bag US English

The pocket of a bag-net.

oil bag US English

A bag containing oil or for containing oil; (Nautical) a bag used to drip oil on to the sea to calm the waves. Also (formerly): †a bag to contain a substance from which oil is to be expressed (obsolete).

peg bag US English

A bag used as a container for clothes pegs.

red bag US English

A red brief-bag, traditionally presented by a senior counsel to a junior barrister for a significant contribution to a case.

tea bag US English

A small porous bag containing tea leaves or powdered tea, onto which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea

bag lady US English

A homeless woman who carries her possessions in shopping bags

bag limit US English

A limit imposed on the number of birds, fish, or other game which may be shot or caught in a given period by an individual or group.

bag lunch US English

A cold lunch prepared at home and carried in a bag to work, to school, or on an excursion

bag woman US English

Originally and chiefly US. A woman who collects or distributes the proceeds of illicit activities; a woman who organizes bribes for the police, civil authorities, etc.

ball bag US English

A bag for bullets or other ammunition. Now historical.

barf bag US English

A bag provided to airplane passengers for use in case of vomiting associated with motion sickness

belt bag US English

A small bag incorporated in or designed to be attached to a belt.

bivvy bag US English

= bivouac bag.

black bag US English

Designating a covert intelligence operation carried out especially by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, involving illegal entry into premises; especially in black bag job.

blue bag US English

A barrister's (originally a solicitor's) brief bag made of blue fabric, now typically carried by a junior barrister.

body bag US English

A bag used for carrying a corpse from a battlefield or the scene of an accident or crime

book bag US English

A bag of a type used to carry books

brown bag US English

A bag made of opaque brown paper

busby-bag US English

The cloth flap attached to a busby, the colour of which (in the British army) indicates the regiment to which a soldier belongs.

cool bag US English

A soft insulated container for keeping food and drink cool

dime bag US English

A specified amount of an illegal drug, packaged and sold for a fixed price

ditty bag US English

A receptacle for odds and ends, especially one used by sailors or fishermen

earth bag US English

A bag filled with earth, used especially in the construction of fortifications or dwellings.

frame-bag US English

A bag for carrying articles, fixed within the frame of a bicycle.

game bag US English

A bag for holding the wild mammals or birds killed during a hunting or shooting expedition

golf bag US English

A tall cylindrical bag used for carrying golf clubs and balls

goody bag US English

A bag containing a selection of desirable products, especially one given away at a party or as a promotional offer

goon bag US English

The bag inside a carton of cheap wine

grab bag US English

A container from which a person chooses a wrapped item at random, without knowing the contents

green bag US English

A brief-bag made of green material, formerly used by barristers and lawyers. Now historical.

hobo bag US English

A woman’s large shoulder bag with a soft or flexible body that forms a characteristic curve between the two ends of the strap

honey bag US English

A honeycomb of the wild Australian stingless bee

icing bag US English

= piping bag.

jelly bag US English

A fine mesh bag used for straining the juice from cooked fruit, especially so that this liquid can be made into jelly

Jiffy bag US English

A padded envelope for protecting fragile items in the post

limit bag US English

= bag limit.

loam bag US English

A bag in which a soil sample is placed to be tested for the presence of gold

milk bag US English

The udder of an animal (now rare).

mixed bag US English

A diverse assortment of things or people

money bag US English

A bag for holding money. Also in plural (humorous): wealth.

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