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baggage US English

Personal belongings packed in suitcases for traveling; luggage

baggage claim US English

The area in an airport where arriving passengers collect luggage that has been carried in the hold of the aircraft

baggage handler US English

A person who loads and unloads items of luggage at an airport

excess baggage US English

Luggage weighing more than the limit allowed on an aircraft and liable to an extra charge

bag and baggage in bag US English

With all one’s belongings

bag and baggage US English

With all one’s belongings

baggage US Thesaurus

leave your baggage with the inspectors

baggage English-Spanish

equipaje m

hand baggage English-Spanish

equipaje m de mano

baggage cart in baggage English-Spanish

carrito mpara el equipaje

baggage carousel in baggage English-Spanish

cinta f transportadora (de equipajes), banda f transportadora Méx

baggage locker in baggage English-Spanish

(casilla f de la) consigna f automática, (locker m de la) consigna f automática AmL

baggage check-in in baggage English-Spanish

facturación, chequeo, registro

baggage compartment in baggage English-Spanish

compartimiento, compartimento