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ball1 US English

A solid or hollow sphere or ovoid, especially one that is kicked, thrown, or hit in a game

ball2 US English

A formal social gathering for dancing

-ball US English

Used in various derogatory terms as an intensifier

ball US Thesaurus

a ball of dough

ball up in ball1 US English

Squeeze or form (something) into a rounded shape

Ball, John US English

(Died 1381), English rebel. He was a priest who preached egalitarianism. Following the Peasants' Revolt, he was hanged as a traitor

Ball, Lucille US English

(1911–89), US comedienne known in particular for the popular television series I Love Lucy (1951–55); full name Lucille Désirée Ball. Notable movies: Stage Door (1937), Sorrowful Jones (1949), and Yours, Mine, and Ours (1968)

b-ball US English


t-ball US English


no-ball US English

An unlawfully delivered ball, counting one as an extra to the batting side if not otherwise scored from

air ball US English

A shot that misses the backboard, rim, and net entirely

play ball US English

Play a ball game such as baseball

ball boy US English

A boy who retrieves balls that go out of play during a game such as tennis or baseball, and who supplies players or umpires with new balls

ball clay US English

A fine-textured clay used in the manufacture of ceramics

ball game US English

A game played with a ball

ball girl US English

A girl who retrieves balls that go out of play during a game such as tennis or baseball, and who supplies players or umpires with new balls

ball race US English

Either of the ring-shaped components of a ball bearing that have grooves in which the balls run

best ball US English

The better score at a hole of two or more players competing as a team

cue ball US English

The ball, usually a white one, that is to be struck with the cue in pool, billiards, snooker, etc.

dead ball US English

A ball that has gone out of play or is declared to be out of play

fly ball US English

A ball batted high into the air

foul ball US English

A ball struck so that it falls or will fall outside the lines extending from home plate past first and third bases. A foul ball that is not caught counts as a strike against the batter, unless it would be the third strike. The exception is a bunted foul ball, which can be a third strike

four-ball US English

A game in which two pairs of players compete, with the better score of each pair counting as the pair’s score at each hole

free ball US English

The option to nominate any ball as the object ball when snookered as a result of a foul stroke

golf ball US English

A small hard ball used in the game of golf

half-ball US English

A stroke in which the centre of the cue ball is aimed at the edge of the object ball

jump ball US English

A ball put in play by the referee, who throws it up between two opposing players

long ball US English

(In sport) a ball that is hit, kicked, or thrown a long way

palm ball US English

An off-speed pitch in which the ball is released from the palm and thumb rather than the fingers

smut ball US English

A grain of wheat or another cereal affected by smut

sour ball US English

A hard candy, especially a jawbreaker, with a sour flavor

spot ball US English

One of two white cue balls, distinguished from the other by two black spots

tar ball US English

A lump of solidified crude oil found in or on the sea, or washed up on shore

tea ball US English

A hollow ball of perforated metal to hold tea leaves, over which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea

tee-ball US English

A game for young children, played by the rules of baseball, in which the ball is not pitched but hit from a stationary tee

time ball US English

A timepiece consisting of a sphere which at a certain moment each day is allowed to fall down a vertical rod

ball float US English

The spherical float attached to the pivoting arm of the ballcock in a toilet tank

ball-shaped US English

Spherical like a ball

ball-tearer US English

Something outstanding of its kind

ball valve US English

A one-way valve that is opened and closed by pressure on a ball that fits into a cup-shaped opening

beach ball US English

A large inflatable ball used for playing games on the beach

earth ball US English

A fungus that forms a leathery yellowish-brown warty sphere which ruptures when mature to release the spores, growing typically on acid sandy soil in both Eurasia and North America

eight ball US English

The black ball, numbered eight

gazing ball US English

A sphere made from a reflective material such as mirrored glass, typically mounted on a stand and used as a lawn or garden ornament

gopher ball US English

A pitch that is hit for a home run

ground ball US English

A ball hit along the ground

gutter ball US English

(In tenpin bowling) a nonscoring ball that enters the gutter before reaching the pins

masked ball US English

A ball at which participants wear masks to conceal their faces

matzo ball US English

A small dumpling made of seasoned matzo meal bound together with egg and chicken fat, typically served in chicken soup

mirror ball US English

A revolving ball covered with small mirrored facets, used to provide lighting effects at discos or dances

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