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bat1 US English

An implement with a handle and a solid surface, usually of wood, used for hitting the ball in games such as baseball, cricket, and table tennis

bat2 US English

A mainly nocturnal mammal capable of sustained flight, with membranous wings that extend between the fingers and connecting the forelimbs to the body and the hindlimbs to the tail

bat3 US English

Flutter one’s eyelashes, typically in a flirtatious manner

at-bat US English

A player’s turn at batting, as officially recorded

bat box US English

An insulated box designed for bats to roost in.

bat fly US English

A bloodsucking fly of spider-like appearance, parasitic on bats and bearing live young

rat-bat US English

A bat, especially a fruit bat.

red bat US English

A common American bat, Lasiurus borealis, which has reddish fur.

ball bat US English

A baseball bat.

dead bat US English

A bat held loosely so that the ball falls to the ground immediately when struck

fruit bat US English

A bat with a long snout and large eyes, feeding chiefly on fruit or nectar and found mainly in the Old World tropics

ghost bat US English

Any of a number of bats with mainly white or grey fur, in particular:

naked bat US English

Either of two South-East Asian bats constituting the genus Cheiromeles (family Molossidae), with thick skin and very little hair; also called hairless bat.

night-bat US English

Now Caribbean (Barbados and Guyana) a bat.

reed bat US English

= legget.

white bat US English

A bat with white fur found mainly in Central America

bat around US English

Travel widely, frequently, or casually

bat mitzvah US English

A religious initiation ceremony for a Jewish girl aged twelve years and one day, regarded as the age of religious maturity

bulldog bat US English

A fish-eating bat that has long legs and very large feet with sharp claws, native to Central and South America

mastiff bat US English

A heavily built, free-tailed bat with a broad muzzle, found mainly in America and Australasia

painted bat US English

A small bat of India and South-East Asia, Kerivoula picta (family Vespertilionidae), having deep orange or scarlet fur and fingers, and black wing membranes.

pallid bat US English

Any of three large-eared bats of the New World genus Antrozous (family Vespertilionidae), especially the pale yellowish-grey A. pallidus of western North America.

baseball bat US English

A bat of the type used in baseball to hit pitched balls, having a cylindrical head which tapers towards the handle.

Geoffroy's bat US English

Any of several bats collected or described by Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire; especially the notch-eared bat, Myotis emarginatus, of southern Europe, North Africa, and south-west Asia.

hairless bat US English

An almost hairless black free-tailed bat found in SE Asia

hog-nosed bat US English

A tiny insectivorous bat with a piglike nose and no tail, native to Thailand. It is the smallest known bat

horseshoe bat US English

An insectivorous Old World bat with a horseshoe-shaped ridge on the nose

leaf-nosed bat US English

A bat with a leaflike appendage on the snout

Leisler's bat US English

A small blackish bat related to the noctule, found from Europe and North Africa to central Asia

long-eared bat US English

An insectivorous bat with ears that are very long in proportion to the body

Natterer's bat US English

A light brown bat with a whitish underside, Myotis nattereri (family Vespertilionidae), native to Eurasia and North Africa.

tube-nosed bat US English

An Old World bat with tubular nostrils

whiskered bat US English

A small brown myotis bat native to Eurasia

Daubenton's bat US English

A small brown myotis bat that typically flies low over water, found throughout Eurasia

free-tailed bat US English

A streamlined fast-flying insectivorous bat with a projecting tail, found in tropical and subtropical countries

mouse-eared bat US English

Another term for myotis.

mouse-tailed bat US English

An insectivorous bat with a long mouselike tail, native to Africa and Asia and often found in man-made structures

moustached bat US English

Any of several Central and South American bats of the genus Pteronotus (family Mormoopidae), with stiff forward-pointing whiskers on the snout.

notch-eared bat US English

A small bat of southern Europe, North Africa, and south-west Asia, Myotis emarginatus (family Vespertilionidae), distinguished by a deep notch in the hind edge of the ear; also called Geoffroy's bat.

bat a thousand US English

Be very successful; achieve perfection

bat-eared fox US English

A small fox found in southern and East Africa, with very large ears that are used to locate insect prey

big brown bat US English

A large bat, Eptesicus fuscus (family Vespertilionidae), which is one of the most common bats in North America, found from southern Canada to northern South America.

go to bat for US English

Defend the interests of; support

blind as a bat US English

Having very bad eyesight

cricket bat willow US English

A variety of the white willow, Salix alba var. caerulea, frequently grown in Britain for its wood, which is used for making cricket bats.

right off the bat US English

At the very beginning

bat something around US English

Discuss an idea or proposal casually or idly

not bat an eyelid US English

Show (or showing) no reaction

orange horseshoe bat US English

A leaf-nosed bat of northern Australia, Rhinonycteris aurantius (family Hipposideridae), the male of which has bright orange fur.

go to bat for in bat1 US English

Defend the interests of; support

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