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batting1 US English

The action of hitting with or using a bat, especially in cricket or baseball

batting2 US English

Cotton wadding prepared in sheets for use in quilts

batting in bat1 US English

(Of a team or a player in sports such as baseball) take in turns the role of hitting rather than fielding

batting in bat3 US English

Flutter one’s eyelashes, typically in a flirtatious manner

batting cage US English

An area for batting practice that is enclosed by fencing or netting

batting order US English

The order in which batters take their turn at bat

batting average US English

The average performance of a batter, expressed as a ratio of a batter’s safe hits per official times at bat

cotton batting US English

Light, soft cotton fibers formed into layers, used especially for filling quilts, cushions, etc.

not bat an eyelid US English

Show (or showing) no reaction

not bat an eyelid in bat3 US English

Show (or showing) no reaction