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battle US English

A sustained fight between large, organized armed forces

battle US Thesaurus

he was killed in the battle

do battle US English

Fight; engage in conflict

battle-ax US English

A large broad-bladed ax used in ancient warfare

battle-ax US Thesaurus

a severe blow from a battle-ax

battle cry US English

A word or phrase shouted by soldiers going into battle to express solidarity and intimidate the enemy

battle star US English

Former term for service star.

gun battle US English

A fight involving an exchange of fire with guns

join battle US English

Begin fighting

just battle US English

A battle or other conflict considered morally or (originally) theologically justifiable.

battle cry US Thesaurus

the army's battle cry

battle royal US English

A fiercely contested fight or dispute

Battle Creek US English

A city in southern Michigan, noted as a center of the cereal industry; population 52,053 (est. 2008)

battle group US English

A military force created to fight together, typically consisting of several different types of troops

battle jacket US English

A style of waist-length jacket worn by army personnel

field battle US English

A pitched battle; (formerly occasionally) specifically †a battle staged as a spectacle, a mock battle (obsolete).

losing battle US English

A struggle that seems certain to end in failure

naval battle US English

A sustained fight between naval forces

pitch battle US English

A military encounter fought at a predetermined time and place (as opposed to a skirmish or casual encounter); a pitched battle.

battle stations US English

The positions taken by military personnel in preparation for battle (often used as a command or signal to prepare for battle)

battle fatigue US English

Another term for shell shock.

battle-scarred US English

Damaged or affected by fighting

battle station US English

A position taken by a member of a military force during, or in preparation for, battle.

pitched battle US English

A planned military encounter on a prearranged battleground

running battle US English

A military engagement that does not occur at a fixed location

battle it out US English

Fight or compete to a definite conclusion

line of battle US English

A disposition of troops for action in battle

Actium, Battle of US English

A naval battle that took place in 31 bc off the promontory of Actium in western Greece, in the course of which Octavian defeated Mark Antony

half the battle US English

An important step toward achieving something

Britain, Battle of US English

A series of air battles fought over Britain during August-October 1940, in which the RAF successfully resisted raids by the numerically superior German air force. This led Hitler to abandon plans to invade Britain, although the Germans continued to bomb British cities by night for several months afterwards

Crécy, Battle of US English

A battle between the English and the French in 1346 near the village of Crécy-en-Ponthieu in Picardy, at which the forces of Edward III defeated those of Philip VI. It was the first major English victory of the Hundred Years War

Flodden, Battle of US English

A decisive battle of the Anglo-Scottish war of 1513, at Flodden, a hill near the Northumbrian village of Branxton in northeastern England. A Scottish army under James IV was defeated by a smaller but better-led English force and suffered heavy losses, including the king and most of his nobles

Jutland, Battle of US English

A major naval battle in World War I, fought between the British Grand Fleet under Admiral Jellicoe and the German High Seas Fleet in the North Sea west of Jutland on May 31, 1916. Although the battle was indecisive, the German fleet never again sought a full-scale engagement, and the Allies retained control of the North Sea

Lepanto, Battle of US English

A naval battle fought in 1571 close to the port of Lepanto at the entrance to the Gulf of Corinth. The Christian forces of Rome, Venice, and Spain defeated a large Turkish fleet, ending for the time being Turkish naval domination in the eastern Mediterranean

Marengo, Battle of US English

A decisive French victory of Napoleon’s campaign in Italy in 1800, close to the village of Marengo, near Turin. Napoleon crossed the Alps to defeat and capture an Austrian army, a victory which led to Italy returning to French control

Naseby, Battle of US English

A major battle of the English Civil War that took place in 1645 near the village of Naseby in Northamptonshire. The Royalist army of Prince Rupert and King Charles I was decisively defeated by the New Model Army under General Thomas Fairfax (1612–71) and Oliver Cromwell

order of battle US English

The units, formations, and equipment of a military force

Plataea, Battle of US English

A battle in 479 bc, during the Persian Wars, in which the Persian forces were defeated by the Greeks near the city of Plataea in Boeotia

Sedan, Battle of US English

A battle fought in 1870 near the town of Sedan in northeastern France, in which the Prussian army defeated a smaller French army under Napoleon III, opening the way for a Prussian advance on Paris and marking the end of the French Second Empire

Verdun, Battle of US English

A long and severe battle in 1916, during World War I, at the fortified town of Verdun in northeastern France

wager of battle US English

A form of trial by which someone’s guilt or innocence was decided by personal combat between the parties or their champions

Ypres, Battle of US English

Each of three battles on the Western Front near Ypres during World War I in 1914, 1915, and 1917

Agincourt, Battle of US English

A battle in northern France in 1415 during the Hundred Years War, in which the English under Henry V defeated a large French army. The victory, achieved largely by use of the longbow, allowed Henry to occupy Normandy

Austerlitz, Battle of US English

A battle in 1805 near the town of Austerlitz (now in the Czech Republic), in which Napoleon defeated the Austrians and Russians

Balaclava, Battle of US English

A battle of the Crimean War, fought between Russia and an alliance of British, French, and Turkish forces in and around the port of Balaclava (now Balaklava) in the southern Crimea in 1854. The battle ended inconclusively; and is chiefly remembered as the scene of the Charge of the Light Brigade

Borodino, Battle of US English

A battle in 1812 at Borodino, a village about 110 km (70 miles) west of Moscow, at which Napoleon’s forces defeated the Russian army

Culloden, Battle of US English

The final engagement of the Jacobite uprising of 1745–46, fought April 16 on a moor near Inverness, the last pitched battle on British soil. The Hanoverian army under the Duke of Cumberland crushed the small and poorly supplied Jacobite army of Charles Edward Stuart, and a ruthless pursuit after the battle effectively prevented any chance of saving the Jacobite cause

Edgehill, Battle of US English

The first pitched battle of the English Civil War (1642), fought at the village of Edgehill in the west Midlands. The Parliamentary army attempted to halt the Royalist army’s march on London; the battle ended with no clear winner and with heavy losses on both sides

Gettysburg, Battle of US English

A decisive battle of the Civil War, fought near the town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania in July 1863. A Union army under General Meade repulsed the Confederate army of General Lee and forced him to abandon his invasion of the north

Hastings, Battle of US English

A decisive battle that took place in 1066 just north of the town of Hastings, East Sussex. William the Conqueror defeated the forces of the Anglo-Saxon king Harold II; Harold died in the battle, leaving the way open for the Norman Conquest of England

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