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bearer US English

A person or thing that carries or holds something

ring bearer US English

The person, typically a young boy, who ceremoniously bears the rings at a wedding

sword-bearer US English

An official who carries a sword for a sovereign or other dignitary on formal occasions

train-bearer US English

A person whose job is to hold up the train of a dress or robe

Water Bearer US English

The zodiacal sign or constellation Aquarius

office-bearer US English

A person holding a position of authority in an organization

standard-bearer US English

A soldier who is responsible for carrying the distinctive flag of a unit, regiment, or army

message-bearer US English

A person who carries a message or is employed to carry messages

stretcher-bearer US English

A person who helps to carry the sick or injured on stretchers, especially in time of war or at the scene of an accident

cupbearer US English

A person who serves wine, especially in a royal or noble household

pallbearer US English

A person helping to carry or officially escorting a coffin at a funeral

talebearer US English

A person who maliciously gossips or reveals secrets

torchbearer US English

A person who carries a ceremonial torch

bearer US Thesaurus

a lantern-bearer

bearer English-Spanish


office bearer English-Spanish

→ officeholder

standard-bearer English-Spanish

abanderado,, portaestandarte mf

bearer bond in bearer English-Spanish

título m al portador

the bearer of the title in bearer English-Spanish

el poseedor del título, quien ostenta el título

payable to the bearer/on demand in payable English-Spanish

pagadero al portador/a la vista