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black US English

Of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white

alder US English

A widely distributed tree of the birch family that has toothed leaves and bears male catkins and woody female cones

Black in black US English

Of any human group having dark-colored skin, especially of African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry

Black, Hugo US English

(1886–1971), US Supreme Court associate justice 1937–71; full name Hugo Lafayette Black. Noted as an advocate of First Amendment rights, he was also a US senator from Alabama 1927–37

Black, Joseph US English

(1728–99), Scottish chemist. He developed accurate techniques for following chemical reactions by weighing reactants and products

crowned crane US English

An African crane with a yellowish bristly crest, a mainly black or dark gray body, much white on the wings, and pink and white cheeks

black US Thesaurus

a black horse

black–white US English

Of, relating to, or designating interactions or relationships between black people and white people.

black out US English

(Of a person) undergo a sudden and temporary loss of consciousness

Black Act US English

A severe law of 1723 (9 Geo. I. c. 22) against poaching, trespassing, etc.

black ant US English

An ant that is black and is often found in and around houses

black art US English

another term for black magic.

black ash1 US English

A North American ash, Fraxinus nigra (formerly called F. sambucifolia), found in wetlands in the north-eastern United States and eastern Canada; (also) the timber of this tree, which can be separated into flexible strips by pounding and is used in basket-making and cooperage.

black ash2 US English

In the manufacture of sodium carbonate by the Leblanc process: a mixture of sodium carbonate and calcium sulphide formed at an intermediate stage, which is washed (lixiviated) with water to obtain the pure carbonate.

black bag US English

Designating a covert intelligence operation carried out especially by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, involving illegal entry into premises; especially in black bag job.

black ban US English

A mass refusal to supply or purchase goods or services in an attempt to force a particular decision or action

black bog US English

A bog of a deep brown to dark black colour, typically composed of heavy, compact material; land consisting of such a bog; frequently contrasted, especially in Ireland, with red bog.

black box US English

A flight recorder in an aircraft

black bun US English

Rich fruit cake in a pastry case, traditionally eaten in Scotland at New Year

black cab US English

A black taxicab; (now usually) (British) a type of taxi, originally and usually (but now not always) black, which may be hailed in the street and can accommodate up to five passengers in the rear, separated from the driver's seat by a partition (officially called Hackney cab).

black cod US English

The saithe or coalfish, Pollachius virens;.

black dog US English

Used as a metaphor for melancholy or depression

black eye US English

A bruised and discolored area around the eye resulting from a blow

black fly US English

A small black fly, the female of which sucks blood and can transmit a number of serious human and animal diseases. Large swarms sometimes cause distress to livestock and humans

black fox US English

A black variety of the red fox, Vulpes vulpes, occurring in North America and northern Eurasia, and often killed or reared for its valuable fur.

black gum US English

Another term for sourgum.

black hat US English

Used in reference to a bad person, especially a villain or criminal in a movie, novel, or play

black haw US English

The stag bush, Viburnum prunifolium, of the south-eastern United States; the edible blue-black fruit of this plant. Also: a medicinal preparation of the bark of this plant, sometimes used as an antispasmodic.

black ice US English

A transparent coating of ice, found especially on a road or other paved surface

Black Jew US English

Another term for Falasha.

black-lip US English

Designating molluscs (and their shells) having a black lip to the shell, especially the pearl oyster, Pinctada margaritifera. Also: designating molluscs having a black edge to the foot, especially an Australian abalone, Haliotis rubra. Usually attributive.

black man US English

A dark-skinned man, especially a man of sub-Saharan African or Australian Aboriginal origin or descent.

black oak US English

Any of several oak trees valued for their timber; especially dyer's oak, Quercus velutina, of eastern North America, which has dark-coloured bark.

black oat US English

Any of several dark-hulled kinds of cultivated oat; especially the European diploid species Avena strigosa, now chiefly grown for animal fodder and as a cover crop.

black oil US English

Any of various dark-coloured oils; (in later use) specifically a heavy mineral oil used for lubrication and fuel.

black op US English

(Frequently in plural) a secret or covert operation, especially one conducted outside ordinary channels of command and accountability; also in extended use.

black pod US English

An economically significant disease of the cocoa tree caused by various fungal pathogens of the genus Phytophthora, in which the pods become discoloured and necrotic; also black pod disease.

black pot US English

A tar-coated, leather beer mug.

black rat US English

A rat with dark fur, large ears, and a long tail. It is found throughout the world, being particularly common in the tropics, and is the chief host of the plague-transmitting flea

Black Rod US English

(In the UK) the chief usher of the Lord Chamberlain’s department of the royal household, who is also usher to the House of Lords

black rot US English

A disease of fruits and vegetables caused by bacteria or fungi, producing blackening, rotting, and shriveling

black rum US English

= dark rum.

Black Sea US English

A tideless almost landlocked sea bounded by Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania. It is connected to the Mediterranean Sea through the Bosporus and the Sea of Marmara

Black Spy US English

(With the) the Devil.

black tar US English

An exceptionally pure form of heroin originating in Mexico.

black tea US English

Tea of the most usual type, that is fully fermented before drying

black tie US English

A black bow tie worn with a dinner jacket

black tin US English

Tin ore (usually cassiterite, SnO2) prepared for smelting, as distinct from metallic tin.

gas black US English

= carbon black.

pit-black US English

Intensely black or dark.

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