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boat US English

A small vessel propelled on water by oars, sails, or an engine

boat US Thesaurus

a wooden boat

E-boat US English

A German torpedo boat used in World War II

U-boat US English

A German submarine used in World War I or World War II

PT boat US English

A motorboat equipped with torpedoes and used by the military, especially during World War II

boat deck US English

The deck from which a ship’s lifeboats are launched

boat neck US English

A type of wide neckline on a garment that passes just below the collarbone

boat race US English

A race between rowing crews

boat shoe US English

A flat canvas or leather shoe with rubber soles to provide good traction on boat decks

boat trip US English

A journey or excursion in a boat, especially for pleasure

flag boat US English

A boat serving as a mark in sailing matches

pap boat US English

A boat-shaped container for holding soft food for feeding babies

sea boat US English

A boat or ship considered in terms of its ability to cope with conditions at sea

ski boat US English

A small powerboat used for towing waterskiers

boat people US English

Refugees who have left a country by sea, in particular the Vietnamese who fled in small boats to Hong Kong, Australia, and elsewhere after the conquest of South Vietnam by North Vietnam in 1975

boat train US English

A train scheduled to connect with the arrival or departure of a boat

canal boat US English

A long, narrow boat used on canals

dragon boat US English

A boat of a traditional Chinese design, typically decorated to resemble a dragon, propelled with paddles by a large crew and used for racing

flying boat US English

A large seaplane that lands with its fuselage in the water

gravy boat US English

A boat-shaped vessel used for serving gravy or sauce; sauceboat

party boat US English

A boat available for renting by a group of people who want to go fishing

pedal boat US English

Another term for paddleboat.

pilot boat US English

A boat used to transport maritime pilots to and from ships

rowing boat US English

British term for rowboat.

safety boat US English

An accompanying boat providing support in case of emergency, especially in water sports or competitions

ship's boat US English

A small boat carried on board a ship

squirt boat US English

A small, highly maneuverable kayak

stake boat US English

An anchored boat used to mark the course for a boat race

stone boat US English

A flat-bottomed sled used for transporting stones and other heavy objects

swift-boat US English

Target (a politician or public figure) with a campaign of personal attacks

liberty boat US English

A boat carrying sailors who have leave to go on shore

sailing boat US English

British term for sailboat.

torpedo boat US English

A small, fast, light warship armed with torpedoes

off the boat US English

Recently arrived from a foreign country, and by implication naive or an outsider

rock the boat US English

Say or do something to disturb an existing situation

miss the boat US English

Be too slow to take advantage of an opportunity

float someone's boat US English

Appeal to or excite someone, especially sexually

Special Boat Service US English

(In the UK) a nautical counterpart of the SAS, provided by the Royal Marines

be in the same boat US English

Be in the same unfortunate circumstances as others

gunboat US English

A small, fast ship mounting guns, for use in shallow coastal waters and rivers

jetboat US English

A motor boat of shallow draught propelled by a jet of water pumped forcefully out from below the stern waterline

boathook US English

A long pole with a hook and a spike at one end, used for fending off or pulling a boat

boatload US English

A number of passengers or amount of cargo that will fill a ship or boat

the Boat Race in boat race US English

The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge. First rowed at Henley in 1829, it has been held over its present course, from Putney to Mortlake (6.8 km, 4.25 miles), since 1845

duck boat in duck1 US English

An amphibious transport vehicle

fireboat US English

A boat carrying firefighters and equipment for fighting large fires on board ships and in waterside areas

flatboat US English

A cargo boat with a flat bottom for use in shallow water

keelboat US English

A yacht built with a permanent keel rather than a centerboard

longboat US English

A large boat that may be launched from a sailing ship

mailboat US English

A ship or boat that carries mail

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