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boat US English

A small vessel propelled on water by oars, sails, or an engine

boat US Thesaurus

a wooden boat

E-boat US English

A German torpedo boat used in World War II

P boat US English

A patrol boat.

Q-boat US English

An armed and camouflaged merchant vessel used as a decoy or to destroy submarines (chiefly in the First World War (1914–18); compare mystery ship s.v. mystery ship.

R-boat US English

In the Second World War (1939–45): a German minesweeper. Now historical.

U-boat US English

A German submarine used in World War I or World War II

PT boat US English

A motorboat equipped with torpedoes and used by the military, especially during World War II

best boat US English

Originally: a boat designed so as to be ideally suited to use in rowing or sculling races, and typically of the lightest and narrowest construction. Later (now chiefly): a racing punt of similar construction.

blue boat US English

(The crew of) the boat that represents the University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford in a boat race between the universities.

boat axe US English

An axe carried on board a boat.

boat bed US English

A type of bed having a high, prow-shaped headboard and footboard; (also more generally) any bed shaped like a boat.

boat-bone US English

The navicular bone in the human ankle.

boat-boy US English

A boy engaged to help to operate or pilot a boat; a boatman's assistant or apprentice.

boat car US English

Chiefly US. An apparatus consisting of a boat cradle on wheels, used in hauling boats between different water levels on steep stretches of canals, as an alternative to the use of locks. Now historical.

boat club US English

A club or organization for people who take part in (especially competitive) boating activities, as yachting, rowing, etc.

boat deck US English

The deck from which a ship’s lifeboats are launched

boat dive US English

A dive made by a person (especially a scuba-diver) from a boat.

boat hat US English

A hat worn while boating.

boat horn US English

A horn used for signalling from a boat.

boat nail US English

A nail used in the construction of boats; specifically a rose-headed nail with a square shaft and a chisel-shaped end.

boat neck US English

A type of wide neckline on a garment that passes just below the collarbone

boat plug US English

A plug in the bottom of a boat which is removed to let water out when on shore.

boat pole US English

A long pole used to push off or propel a boat, or to perform other specific functions.

boat race US English

A race between rowing crews

boat rope US English

A rope used on a boat; specifically (originally) one used in the rigging of a sail boat; (later) one used by a ship to tow a boat or lower a lifeboat.

boat shoe US English

A flat canvas or leather shoe with rubber soles to provide good traction on boat decks

boat song US English

A song sung by the crew of a boat; especially one used to help maintain the rhythm of rowing or paddling.

boat-tail US English

= boat-tailed grackle.

boat trip US English

A journey or excursion in a boat, especially for pleasure

boat-wise US English

In the manner or shape of a boat; like a boat.

boat work US English

Work undertaken on board or using a boat; specifically (a) the manning of the boats of a large ship; (b) angling done in a boat rather than on the shore or bank.

fizz-boat US English

A motor boat or speedboat.

flag boat US English

A boat serving as a mark in sailing matches

gas boat US English

A boat powered by a petrol engine.

love boat US English

Figurative. A romantic relationship imagined as a boat or ship, especially one on a (difficult or dangerous) journey.

low boat US English

(The fact of having) the boat whose occupants catch the lowest amount of fish, game, etc.; (more generally) any losing boat.

mark boat US English

A boat moored at a particular spot to serve as a navigational guide.

Mike boat US English

(In the U.S. Navy) a landing craft. Hence (occasionally): any specialized flat-bottomed craft.

news boat US English

A boat which puts out to passing vessels to receive and communicate news (now historical).

oary boat US English

A rowing boat.

pap boat US English

A boat-shaped container for holding soft food for feeding babies

pole-boat US English

A riverboat propelled by means of a pole or poles.

post-boat US English

A boat or ship engaged in conveying mail, especially on a regular route at fixed times; a packet-boat, a mailboat; a boat which carries passengers between certain points.

pull-boat US English

A boat propelled by pulling on a rope.

pump boat US English

A boat fitted with a pump, used to pump water out of a damaged or sinking vessel.

push-boat US English

A boat propelled by a pushing motion.

run boat US English

A boat used to collect and transport the catch made by fishing vessels; such a vessel used as a pleasure boat.

sea boat US English

A boat or ship considered in terms of its ability to cope with conditions at sea

ski boat US English

A small powerboat used for towing waterskiers

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