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bomb US English

A container filled with explosive, incendiary material, smoke, gas, or other destructive substance, designed to explode on impact or when detonated by a time mechanism, remote-control device, or lit fuse

the bomb in bomb US English

Nuclear weapons considered collectively as agents of mass destruction

bomb US Thesaurus

they saw bombs bursting on the runway

A-bomb US English

Short for atom bomb.

F-bomb US English

Used as a euphemism for the word “fuck”, with reference to the latter’s taboo status and potential to shock or offend

H-bomb US English

Another term for hydrogen bomb.

N-bomb US English

Used as a euphemism for the word “nigger”, with reference to the latter’s extreme offensiveness as a racial slur

acid bomb US English

An explosive device containing acid; specifically a simple home-made one in which the explosion is that of an acid-filled container under the pressure of gas evolved during an internal chemical reaction.

air bomb US English

A bomb designed to be used in the air, or dropped from an aircraft.

atom bomb US English

A bomb that derives its destructive power from the rapid release of nuclear energy by fission of heavy atomic nuclei, causing damage through heat, blast, and radioactivity

bomb bay US English

A compartment in the fuselage of an aircraft in which bombs are held and from which they may be dropped

bomb site US English

An area in a town or city where the buildings have been destroyed by bombs

buzz bomb US English

A robot bomb, especially the German V-1 used during World War II

car bomb US English

A bomb concealed in or under a parked car, used especially by terrorists

dive-bomb US English

Bomb (a target) while diving steeply downward in an aircraft

dot-bomb US English

An unsuccessful dot-com company

gas bomb US English

An explosive device whose force is derived from the ignition of gas (now rare).

germ bomb US English

A bomb containing bacteria that cause disease, used in bacteriological warfare.

iron bomb US English

A thick-walled iron container used to hold material for chemical or physical experimentation at high pressure. Now rare.

mail bomb US English

another term for letter bomb.

nail bomb US English

An explosive device containing nails, typically used by terrorists to cause injuries in a crowded area

pipe bomb US English

A homemade bomb, the components of which are contained in a pipe

sex bomb US English

A woman who is very sexually attractive

time bomb US English

A bomb designed to explode at a preset time

yarn-bomb US English

Cover (an object or structure in a public place) with decorative knitted or crocheted material, as a form of street art

barrel bomb US English

A crude bomb consisting of an oil drum or similar container filled with explosives, typically dropped from an aircraft

bomb scare US English

An alert prompted by the suspicion that a bomb has been planted in a public place

bomb squad US English

A division of a police force assigned to defuse explosive devices

carpet-bomb US English

Bomb (an area) intensively

dirty bomb US English

A nuclear weapon improvised from radioactive nuclear waste material and conventional explosives

flying bomb US English

A small pilotless aircraft with an explosive warhead, especially a V-1

fusion bomb US English

A bomb deriving its energy from nuclear fusion, especially a hydrogen bomb

Google bomb US English

An attempt to make a search term return a website for an unexpected person or organization when entered in a search engine (typically for satirical or humorous purposes) by the creation of numerous links to that website from pages including the search term

human bomb US English

A person carrying a bomb, or who creates an explosion which results in his or her own death; specifically = suicide bomber.

letter bomb US English

An explosive device hidden in a small package and sent to someone with the intention of harming or killing them

logic bomb US English

A set of instructions secretly incorporated into a program so that if a particular condition is satisfied they will be carried out, usually with harmful effects

marker bomb US English

A bomb emitting a coloured light, dropped in an air-raid as a target indicator.

Mills bomb US English

An oval hand grenade

mother-bomb US English

A canister containing a cluster of explosive devices.

parcel bomb US English

An explosive device hidden in a package and sent with the intention of causing death or injury to the recipient

pellet bomb US English

A type of small anti-personnel bomb.

petrol bomb US English

A crude bomb consisting of a bottle containing petrol and an improvised cloth wick that is ignited just before the bottle is thrown at the target

radium bomb US English

A container of radium used as the source of a beam of gamma radiation for radiotherapy.

robot bomb US English

A remote-controlled bomb; a flying bomb, especially one used by German forces during the Second World War (1939–45).

rocket bomb US English

A flying bomb; any rocket-propelled missile with an explosive warhead.

smart bomb US English

A radio-controlled or laser-guided bomb, often with a built-in computer

smoke bomb US English

A bomb that emits dense smoke as it explodes, used to produce a smoke screen

stink bomb US English

A small bomb that emits a strong and unpleasant smell when exploded

balloon bomb US English

A bomb dropped from a hot-air balloon (obsolete rare).

bomb disposal US English

The defusing or removal and detonation of unexploded and delayed-action bombs

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