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brigade US English

A subdivision of an army, typically consisting of a small number of infantry battalions and/or other units and often forming part of a division

brigade US Thesaurus

a brigade of soldiers

fur brigade US English

A convoy that transported furs to and from trading posts by land and river

Boys' Brigade US English

The oldest of the national organizations for boys in Britain, founded in 1883 with the aim of promoting ‘Christian manliness’, discipline, and self-respect. Companies are now also found in the US and in Commonwealth countries; each is connected with a church

brigade major US English

The principal staff officer to the brigadier in command at the headquarters of a brigade

fire brigade US English

An organized body of people trained and employed to extinguish fires

shock brigade US English

(In the former Soviet Union) a body of workers who exceeded production quotas and were assigned to an especially urgent or arduous task

bucket brigade US English

A line of people who pass buckets of water from one to another to put out a fire

International Brigade US English

A group of volunteers that was raised internationally by foreign communist parties and that fought on the Republican side in the Spanish Civil War

Charge of the Light Brigade US English

A British cavalry charge in 1854 during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War. A misunderstanding between the commander of the Light Brigade and his superiors led to the British cavalry being destroyed. The charge was immortalized in verse by Tennyson

Light Brigade, Charge of the US English

See Charge of the Light Brigade.