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BUR US English

Burma (international vehicle registration)

bur US English

A prickly seed case or flower head that clings to animals and clothes

bur in burr US English

A rough edge or ridge left on an object (especially of metal) by the action of a tool or machine

bur. US English


bur. in bureau US English

An office or department for transacting particular business

bur oak US English

A North American oak, with large fringed acorn cups. Its timber was formerly important in shipbuilding

bur oak New Oxford Dictionary for Writers & Editors

North American oak formerly used in shipbuilding

bur reed US English

An aquatic reedlike plant with rounded flower heads. Its oily seeds are an important source of winter food for wildfowl

bur marigold US English

Another term for beggarticks.

bur reed in reed US English

Used in names of plants similar to reeds, growing in wet habitats, e.g., bur reed