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busby US English

A tall fur hat with a colored cloth flap hanging down on the right-hand side and often a plume on the top, worn by soldiers of certain regiments of hussars and artillerymen

Busby, Sir Matt US English

(1909–94), Scottish-born footballer and football manager. As manager of Manchester United 1945–69 he led them to win five League Championships and the European Cup in 1968

busby-bag US English

The cloth flap attached to a busby, the colour of which (in the British army) indicates the regiment to which a soldier belongs.

Berkeley, Busby US English

(1895–1976), US choreographer and movie director; born William Berkeley Enos. He is remembered for his spectacular movie sequences in which dancers formed kaleidoscopic patterns on the screen. Notable movies: Gold Diggers series (1933–37) and Babes in Arms (1939)