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button US English

A small disk or knob sewn onto a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for the purpose, or for decoration

Button, Jenson US English

(B.1980), English motor-racing driver; full name Jenson Alexander Lyons Button. He won the Formula One world championship in 2009

button US Thesaurus

shirt buttons

back button US English

(In a graphical user interface) an icon, typically displaying an arrow pointing to the left, that may be selected in order to to return to the previous page or screen

button-back US English

Denoting a chair or sofa with a quilted back, the stitching being hidden by buttons

button-down US English

(Of a collar) having points that are buttoned to the garment

button man US English

A hired killer

frog button US English

A spindle-shaped button covered with silk or other material, designed to pass through a loop on the opposite side of the garment.

hold button US English

A button on a telephone that temporarily interrupts a call so that another call may be taken

hot button US English

A topic or issue that is highly charged emotionally or politically

mute button US English

A button that can be pressed to temporarily halt the sound on a television, telephone, remote, or other apparatus

pink button US English

A jobber's clerk.

push button US English

A button that is pushed to operate an electrical device

red button US English

A red-coloured button worn on the cap of a high-ranking Chinese mandarin, especially of the first class.

hot-button US Thesaurus

hot-button issues

belly button US English

A person’s navel

button grass US English

A grass or sedge with compact rounded flowering heads

button quail US English

A small quaillike Old World bird related to the rails, with only three toes

button spider US English

A highly venomous African spider which is a close relative of the American black widow

frost button US English

A button with a frosted surface.

mouse button US English

A control button on a mouse.

panic button US English

A button for summoning help in an emergency

pearl button US English

A button made of real or imitation mother-of-pearl

pickle button US English

The button or switch which launches a torpedo or bomb; (in later use) any similarly shaped switch in an aircraft.

press-button US English

= push-button.

radio button US English

(In a graphical display) an icon representing one of a set of options, only one of which can be selected at any time

snooze button US English

A control on a clock that sets an alarm to repeat after a short interval, allowing time for a little more sleep

tummy button US English

A person’s navel

button mushroom US English

A young unopened mushroom

button-through US English

(Of clothing) fastened with buttons from top to bottom

Murphy's button US English

A device consisting of two short telescopic metal tubes each with a button-like end, used to perform end-to-end anastomosis of the intestine. Now historical.

pressure button US English

= press-button.

protest button US English

A badge or pin bearing a slogan of protest.

Liverpool button US English

A makeshift button or toggle used by sailors to replace one that has been lost.

Welshman's button US English

Either of two insects, the garden chafer, Phyllopertha horticola (family Scarabaeidae), and (in later use) a brown caddis fly, Sericostoma personatum (family Sericostomatidae).

button one's lip US English

Stop or refrain from talking

press the button US English

Initiate an action or train of events, especially nuclear war

button chrysanthemum US English

A variety of chrysanthemum with small spherical flowers

push-button war US English

Warfare conducted by means of (nuclear) missiles that can be launched by the press of a button; an instance of this.

button something up US English

Complete or conclude something satisfactorily

press the panic button US English

Respond to a situation by panicking or taking emergency measures

button someone into in button US English

Fasten the buttons of a garment being worn by (someone)

button one's lip in button US English

Stop or refrain from talking

button something up in button US English

Complete or conclude something satisfactorily

buttonhole US English

A slit made in a garment to receive a button for fastening

buttonhook US English

A small hook with a long handle for fastening tight buttons (often formerly on buttoned boots or gloves)

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