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cable US English

A thick rope of wire or nonmetallic fiber, typically used for construction, mooring ships, and towing vehicles

cable US Thesaurus

a thick cable moored the ship

cable car US English

A transportation system, typically one traveling up and down a mountain, in which cabins are suspended on a continuous moving cable driven by a motor at one end of the route

pay cable US English

A cable television service available on a subscription basis

cable-knit US English

(Of a garment) knitted using cable stitch

cable-laid US English

(Of rope) made of three right-handed triple strands (or smaller ropes) twisted together left-handed, used originally of a very large rope of the type used for anchor cables

cable modem US English

A type of modem that connects a computer or local network to broadband Internet service through the same cable that supplies cable television service

cable-ready US English

Adapted for cable television

cable tier US English

A place in a ship for stowing a coiled cable

booster cable US English

Another term for jumper cable.

cable release US English

A cable attached to the shutter release of a camera, allowing the photographer to open the shutter without touching or moving the camera

cable stitch US English

A combination of knitted stitches done to resemble twisted rope

jumper cable US English

Each of a pair of thick electric cables fitted with clips at either end, used for starting a vehicle by connecting its dead battery to the battery of another vehicle

ribbon cable US English

A cable for transmitting electronic signals consisting of several insulated wires connected together to form a flat ribbon

cable railroad US English

A railroad along which cars are drawn by a continuous cable

cable television US English

A system in which television programs are transmitted to the sets of subscribers by cable rather than by a broadcast signal

fibre-optic cable US English

A cable made of thin flexible fibres of glass, used for transmitting information in the form of light signals, chiefly in telecommunications

cable-stayed bridge US English

A bridge in which the weight of the deck is supported by a number of cables running directly to one or more towers

cable molding in cable US English

A molding resembling twisted rope