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camp1 US English

A place with temporary accommodations of huts, tents, or other structures, typically used by soldiers, refugees, prisoners, or travelers

camp2 US English

Deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect

Camp, Walter US English

(1859–1925), US football coach; full name Walter Chauncey Camp. One of the first to play US football, he coached at Yale 1888–92 and was influential in shaping the rules of the sport. In 1889, he and a colleague initiated the annual selection of an All-American college football team

cyclic AMP US English

A cyclic form of adenosine monophosphate (adenylic acid) that plays a major role in controlling many enzyme-catalyzed processes in living cells

cAMP in cyclic AMP US English

A cyclic form of adenosine monophosphate (adenylic acid) that plays a major role in controlling many enzyme-catalyzed processes in living cells

camp1 US Thesaurus

a kids' camp

camp2 US Thesaurus

the camp humor became tiresome after the first twenty minutes

auto camp US English

A campsite for motorists; = motor camp.

base camp US English

A camp from which mountaineering expeditions set out

boot camp US English

A military training camp for new recruits, with strict discipline

camp bed US English

A folding portable bed, typically made of canvas stretched over a metal frame

camp cot US English

= camp-bed.

camp oven US English

A three-legged iron cooking pot with a recessed lid that doubles as a cooking pan

camp pie US English

A cooked meat mixture, usually sold in tins

cow camp US English

A seasonal camp apart from the main buildings of a ranch, used during a cattle roundup

day camp US English

A place used for temporary daytime accommodation.

fat camp US English

A residential summer program for overweight children, promoting exercise and healthy eating to facilitate weight loss

high camp US English

Camp of a kind regarded as either sophisticated or extreme.

mitt camp US English

A palmist's or fortune-teller's booth, tent, etc.

rest camp US English

A temporary camp or lodging, especially for soldiers on active duty.

town camp US English

An Aboriginal camp in or near a town

work camp US English

A camp at which community work is done, especially by young volunteers

armed camp US English

A town, territory, or group of people fully armed for war

break camp US English

Take down a tent or the tents of an encampment when ready to leave

Camp David US English

The country retreat of the President, in the Catoctin Mountains (part of the Blue Ridge Mountains) in northeastern Maryland. President Carter hosted talks there between the leaders of Israel and Egypt which resulted in the Camp David agreements (1978) and the Egypt-Israel peace treaty of 1979

camp table US English

A table of the type used in a camp, now typically a lightweight portable folding table.

church camp US English

(Chiefly US) an outdoor church meeting or event at which attendees camp, typically offering religious and recreational activities; a camp meeting.

death camp US English

A prison camp, especially one for political prisoners or prisoners of war, in which many die from poor conditions and treatment or from mass execution

dinner camp US English

A midday break

field camp US English

A place of temporary accommodation for soldiers, researchers, etc., in the field.

labor camp US English

A prison camp in which a regime of hard labor is enforced

motor camp US English

A campsite catering for motorists, caravans, and tents

peace camp US English

An informal encampment set up as a public protest against a military establishment or an aspect of military policy

prison camp US English

A camp where prisoners of war or political prisoners are kept under guard

relief camp US English

A camp for the accommodation of people in need of aid, especially owing to a natural disaster, war, etc.

safari camp US English

A camp for travellers on an African safari; (also Australian) a camp in the outback.

sorry camp US English

(In Aboriginal English) a gathering during which Aboriginal mourning rituals are observed

summer camp US English

A camp providing recreational and athletic facilities for children during the summer vacation period

camp follower US English

A civilian who works in or is attached to a military camp

camp meeting US English

A religious meeting held in the open air or in a tent, often lasting several days

holiday camp US English

A site for vacationers with accommodations, entertainment, and leisure facilities

marching camp US English

Any temporary encampment set up by people on the march; (especially in Roman History) such an encampment set up by troops of the Roman army.

migrant camp US English

Australian a place providing temporary accommodation for newly-arrived immigrants to Australia.

outpost camp US English

A remote hunting or fishing camp.

refugee camp US English

A camp for the accommodation of refugees.

roaring camp US English

(The name of) a gold-prospecting camp characterized by wild behaviour, unrestrained drinking and gambling, etc.

transit camp US English

A camp for the temporary accommodation of groups of people, e.g., refugees or soldiers, who are traveling through a country or region

aide-de-camp US English

A military officer acting as a confidential assistant to a senior officer

camp counsellor US English

A supervisor at a children's summer camp.

causewayed camp US English

A type of Neolithic settlement in southern Britain, visible as an oval enclosure surrounded by concentric ditches that are crossed by several causeways

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