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capitalist US English

A wealthy person who uses money to invest in trade and industry for profit in accordance with the principles of capitalism

capitalist US Thesaurus

a capitalist who made his fortune in textiles

capitalist road US English

Especially during the Cultural Revolution in China: an observable tendency to adopt political ideals and practices leading towards capitalism.

anarcho-capitalist US English

An advocate of anarcho-capitalism.

capitalist roader US English

Especially during the Cultural Revolution in China: (a term for) a Party official e.g. the secretary of a provincial Party committee or the chairman of a people's commune, alleged to have capitalist tendencies.

state capitalist US English

Of, relating to, or governed by state capitalism.

vulture capitalist US English

Derogatory = venture capitalist.

capitalist imperialism US English

Advocacy of or support for imperialism by capitalists (typically presented by communist writers as a natural consequence of the capitalist system); (later also more generally) the extension and maintenance of a capitalist country's power or influence over other countries, often those with less well-developed industrial and economic infrastructures.

capitalist-imperialist1 US English

Used disparagingly, especially in Communist writings: of, relating to, or characterized by the capitalist and imperialist policy and system, especially as represented by the Western powers.

capitalist-imperialist2 US English

Of, relating to, or characterized by capitalist imperialism.

anticapitalist US English

Opposed to capitalism

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