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center US English

The middle point of a circle or sphere, equidistant from every point on the circumference or surface

center US Thesaurus

the center of the town

be centered in in center US English

(Of an activity) occur mainly in or around (a specified place)

call center US English

An office set up to handle a large volume of telephone calls, especially for taking orders and providing customer service

center back US English

A player in the middle of the back line in some sports, such as volleyball

center bit US English

A tool for boring cylindrical holes

city center US English

The central part or main business and commercial area of a city

cost center US English

A department or other unit within an organization to which costs may be charged for accounting purposes

data center US English

A large group of networked computer servers typically used by organizations for the remote storage, processing, or distribution of large amounts of data

dead center US English

The position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

off-center US English

Not quite in the center of something

town center US English

The central part or main business and commercial area of a town

center field US English

The central part of the outfield, behind second base

center punch US English

A tool with a conical point for making an indentation in an object, to allow a drill to make a hole at the same spot without slipping

center spread US English

The two facing middle pages of a newspaper or magazine

center stage US English

The center of a stage

civic center US English

A municipal building or building complex, often publicly financed, with space for conventions, sports events, and theatrical entertainment

crisis center US English

A facility, telephone answering system, etc., where individuals going through personal crises can obtain help or advice

drop-in center US English

A place run by a welfare agency or charity where people may call casually for advice or assistance

health center US English

A building or establishment housing local medical services or the practice of a group of doctors

nerve center US English

A group of closely connected nerve cells that perform a particular function in the body; a ganglion

profit center US English

A part of an organization with assignable revenues and costs and hence ascertainable profitability

speech center US English

A region of the brain involved in the comprehension or production of speech

storm center US English

The point to which the wind blows spirally inward in a cyclonic storm

youth center US English

A place or organization providing leisure activities for young people

birthing center US English

A medical facility, specializing in childbirth, that is less restrictive and more homelike than a hospital

center forward US English

An attacker who plays in the middle of the field

center halfback US English

Another term for center back.

contact center US English

An integrated and usually automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between an organization and the public

cooling center US English

An air-conditioned public facility where people may go for relief during periods of extreme heat

satiety center US English

An area of the brain situated in the hypothalamus and concerned with the regulation of food intake

shopping center US English

An area or complex of stores with adjacent parking

shopping center US Thesaurus

there's probably a jewelry store in the shopping center

center of mass US English

A point representing the mean position of the matter in a body or system

community center US English

A place where people from a particular community can meet for social, educational, or recreational activities

detention center US English

An institution where people are held in detention for short periods, in particular illegal immigrants, refugees, people awaiting trial or sentence, or youthful offenders

Rockefeller Center US English

A business building complex in midtown Manhattan in New York City, home to Radio City Music Hall

center of buoyancy US English

The centroid of the immersed part of a ship or other floating body

center of gravity US English

A point from which the weight of a body or system may be considered to act. In uniform gravity it is the same as the center of mass

front and center US English

Prominently; at the forefront

top dead center US English

The furthest point of a piston’s travel, at which it changes from an upward to a downward stroke

World Trade Center US English

A complex of buildings in New York featuring twin skyscrapers 110 stories high, designed by Minoru Yamasaki and completed in 1972. The twin towers were destroyed in a terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, with the loss of about 2,700 lives

center of attention US English

A person or thing that draws general attention

center of attraction US English

The point to which bodies tend by gravity

center of curvature US English

The center of a circle that passes through a curve at a given point and has the same tangent and curvature at that point

center-weighted metering US English

A mode of automatic light metering in a camera that compensates for differences in the brightness of the central and peripheral portions of the image

day care US English

Daytime care for the needs of people who cannot be fully independent, such as children or elderly people

centerfire US English

(Of a gun cartridge) having the primer in the center of the base

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