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chain US English

A connected flexible series of metal links used for fastening or securing objects and pulling or supporting loads

Chain, Sir Ernst Boris US English

(1906–79), British biochemist; born in Germany. With Howard Florey, he isolated and purified penicillin. Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (1945), shared with Florey and Alexander Fleming

chain US Thesaurus

he was held in chains

chain gun US English

A machine gun that uses a motor-driven chain to power all moving parts

hog chain US English

An iron rod passing from the bow of a vessel to its stern, intended to prevent hogging.

bike chain US English

A chain, now generally a roller chain, used to transmit driving power to the rear wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle.

boat chain US English

A chain used to moor a boat.

chain drive US English

A mechanism in which power is transmitted from an engine, typically to the wheels of a vehicle or a boat’s propeller, by means of a moving endless chain

chain gang US English

A group of convicts chained together while working outside the prison

chain gear US English

A gear transmitting motion by means of a moving endless chain, especially on a bicycle

chain-link US English

Made of wire in a diamond-shaped mesh

chain mail US English

Armor made of small metal rings linked together

chain shot US English

Pairs of cannonballs or half balls joined by a chain, fired from cannons in sea battles in order to damage masts and rigging

chain-smoke US English

Smoke continually, especially by lighting a new cigarette from the butt of the last one smoked

chain store US English

One of a series of stores owned by one company and selling the same merchandise

chain wheel US English

A toothed wheel transmitting power by means of a chain fitted to its edges

choke chain US English

A chain formed into a loop by passing one end through a ring on the other, placed around a dog’s neck to exert control by causing pressure on the windpipe when the dog pulls

curb chain US English

A small chain which is attached to a curb bit and lies in the groove on a horse’s chin

daisy chain US English

A string of daisies threaded together by their stems

drag chain US English

A chain used to slow down or steady the motion of a vehicle

drive chain US English

An endless chain with links that engage with toothed wheels in order to transmit power from one shaft to another in an engine or machine tool

food chain US English

A hierarchical series of organisms each dependent on the next as a source of food

heavy chain US English

The protein subunit that, as one of a pair, makes up the major part of an immunoglobulin molecule

human chain US English

A line of people formed for passing things quickly from one site to another

jack chain US English

A chain of links each consisting of a double loop of wire resembling a figure 8, but with the loops in planes at right angles to each other

light chain US English

A protein subunit that, as one of a pair, forms part of the main antigen-binding region of an immunoglobulin molecule

main chain US English

A series of similar atoms or monomers which forms the principal part of a molecule.

night chain US English

A chain for securing a door at night.

open chain US English

A molecular structure consisting of a chain of atoms with no closed rings

paper chain US English

A chain made of colored paper links and used for decorating a room, especially at Christmas

pawn chain US English

An unbroken diagonal line of pawns extending across several adjacent files.

pitch chain US English

A chain whose links engage with teeth or sprockets on a wheel, the motion of which drives or is driven by that of the chain.

pole chain US English

A measuring chain; = chain (now chiefly historical).

print chain US English

A rapidly revolving endless chain of printing types formerly used in some printers.

pump chain US English

The chain of a chain-pump, on which the discs, buckets, etc., are fitted.

push-chain US English

A sound shift in which one phoneme, typically a vowel, approaches a second and this in turn shifts so that their differentiation is maintained.

rack chain US English

A chain by which a horse may be fastened to the rack in a stall.

ridge chain US English

= ridge-band.

rope chain US English

An ornamental chain (for a watch, etc.) made in imitation of the pattern of a rope.

side chain US English

A group of atoms attached to the main part of a molecule and having a ring or chain structure

value chain US English

The process or activities by which a company adds value to an article, including production, marketing, and the provision of after-sales service

watch chain US English

A metal chain securing a pocket watch

bicycle chain US English

A chain that transmits the driving power from the pedals of a bicycle to its rear wheel

carbon chain US English

A number of carbon atoms bonded together in a sequence and forming part of a molecule, polymer, etc.

chain bridge US English

A suspension bridge supported by chains rather than cables

chain harrow US English

A harrow consisting of a net made of chains in a metal frame

chain letter US English

One of a sequence of letters, each recipient in the sequence being requested to send copies to a specific number of other people

chain stitch US English

An ornamental stitch in which loops are crocheted or embroidered in a chain

closed chain US English

A number of atoms bonded together to form a closed loop in a molecule

golden chain US English

The common laburnum

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