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charge US English

Demand (an amount) as a price from someone for a service rendered or goods supplied

charge US Thesaurus

he didn't charge much

chargé d'affaires US English

A diplomatic official who temporarily takes the place of an ambassador

chargé in chargé d'affaires US English

A diplomatic official who temporarily takes the place of an ambassador

in charge US English

In control or with overall responsibility

take charge US English

Assume control or responsibility

charge-cap US English

(Of a government) subject (a local authority) to an upper limit on the charges it may levy on the public for services

charge card US English

A credit card for use with an account that must be paid when a statement is issued

access charge US English

A charge made for the use of computer or local telephone-network facilities

baton charge US English

A headlong rush made by police officers with drawn truncheons, typically used in riot control to force crowds to disperse

charge nurse US English

A nurse in charge of a ward in a hospital

charge sheet US English

A record made in a police station of the charges against a person

cover charge US English

A flat fee paid for admission to a restaurant, bar, club, etc.

depth charge US English

An explosive charge designed to be dropped from a ship or aircraft and to explode under water at a preset depth, used for attacking submarines

fixed charge US English

A liability to a creditor that relates to specific assets of a company

point charge US English

An electric charge regarded as concentrated in a mathematical point, without spatial extent

prior charge US English

A class of stock or capital on which claims for payment take precedence over the claims of ordinary stock or capital

shaped charge US English

An explosive charge with a cavity that focuses the blast into a small area

space charge US English

A collection of particles with a net electric charge occupying a region, either in free space or in a device

carrying charge US English

An expense or effective cost arising from unproductive assets such as stored goods or unoccupied premises

charge account US English

An account to which goods and services may be charged on credit

charge carrier US English

A particle that carries an electric charge

charge density US English

The electric charge per unit area of a surface, or per unit volume of a field or body

floating charge US English

A liability to a creditor which relates to the company’s assets as a whole and may become fixed in particular circumstances (such as liquidation)

handling charge US English

A sum payable for the processing of an order or transaction

lay a charge US English

Make an accusation

reverse-charge US English

Denoting a telephone call paid for by the recipient

satchel charge US English

An explosive on a board fitted with a rope or wire loop for carrying and attaching

service charge US English

An extra charge assessed for a service

shoulder charge US English

A charge made leading with the shoulder

specific charge US English

The ratio of the charge of an ion or subatomic particle to its mass

free of charge US English

Without any payment due

charge conjugation US English

The operation of changing every particle into its antiparticle

community charge US English

(In the UK) a tax, introduced by the Conservative government in 1990 (1989 in Scotland), levied locally on every adult in a community. It was replaced in 1993 by the council tax

congestion charge US English

A charge made to drive into an area, typically a city centre, that suffers heavy traffic

destination charge US English

A fee added to the price of a new car to cover the cost of shipping the vehicle from the manufacturer to the dealer

priest-in-charge US English

(In the Anglican Church) an ordained minister who has charge of a parish but has not been formally appointed as its incumbent

conservation of charge US English

A principle stating that the total electric charge of an isolated system is fixed

Charge of the Light Brigade US English

A British cavalry charge in 1854 during the Battle of Balaclava in the Crimean War. A misunderstanding between the commander of the Light Brigade and his superiors led to the British cavalry being destroyed. The charge was immortalized in verse by Tennyson

Light Brigade, Charge of the US English

See Charge of the Light Brigade.

in charge in charge US English

In control or with overall responsibility

recharge US English

Restore an electric charge to (a battery or a battery-operated device) by connecting it to a device that draws power from another source of electricity

free of charge in charge US English

Without any payment due

chargeback US English

A demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction

overcharge US English

Charge (someone) too high a price for goods or a service

supercharge US English

Fit or design (an internal combustion engine) with a supercharger

turbocharge US English

Equip (an engine or vehicle) with a turbocharger

chargemaster US English

A list detailing the official rate charged by a hospital for individual procedures, services, and goods

countercharge US English

An accusation made in turn by someone against their accuser

shoulder-charge in shoulder charge US English

Charge at (a person or obstacle) with the shoulder first

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