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civic US English

Of or relating to a city or town, especially its administration; municipal

civic US Thesaurus

they encourage their children to participate in civic affairs

civic oath US English

(In some states or political systems) an oath of allegiance taken by those in public office, by the citizenry in general, or by those wishing to attain citizenship.

civic center US English

A municipal building or building complex, often publicly financed, with space for conventions, sports events, and theatrical entertainment

civic-minded US English

Concerned with or active in civic affairs; concerned with the welfare of the community as a whole, public-spirited.

civic humanism US English

The following of humanist ideals and values in political life, especially the use of classical models of government, political rhetoric, etc.

civic journalism US English

Journalism conducted with the aim of promoting greater involvement by the general public in politics and community issues.

civic-mindedness US English

The state or quality of being civic-minded.

civic republicanism US English

An approach to republican government which emphasizes active engagement by citizens.