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class US English

A set or category of things having some property or attribute in common and differentiated from others by kind, type, or quality

class US Thesaurus

a hotel of the first class

class A US English

Of the highest standard, quality, or rank; outstanding, matchless. Also occasionally as adverb Compare first class, class.

ABC class US English

A class for teaching the rudiments of a subject, especially the alphabet; the first class in elementary education.

class act US English

A person or thing displaying impressive and stylish excellence

class day US English

A day on which the senior class in a college celebrates the completion of their course, typically with formal festivities, prize-giving, etc.

class fee US English

The fee charged by a teacher for a class; (chiefly Scottish) one payable to a professor by all those attending a university class (now historical).

class war US English

Another term for class struggle.

low-class US English

Of a low or inferior standard, quality, or social class

new class US English

In the Soviet Union and other communist countries: a privileged elite of Party bureaucrats. Compare nomenklatura.

non-class US English

Not relating to or involving class or a class.

top-class US English

Of the highest quality; excellent

asset class US English

A category of companies considered in terms of the total value of their assets (now rare).

baby class US English

A class for very young children; the youngest class in a school.

cabin class US English

The intermediate class of accommodations on a passenger ship

class book US English

A book containing the register of membership of a Methodist class. Now chiefly historical.

class clown US English

A student who is prone to making jokes, playing pranks, etc., rather than concentrating on schoolwork; also in extended use.

class list US English

A list of the candidates who have taken an examination, showing the class or mark achieved by each

class mark US English

A reference mark or number indicating the class or subject of a book in a library and often its position on the library shelves.

class name US English

The name of a logical class, a general name; (Grammar) = class noun.

class noun US English

A noun that denotes a class of objects; especially one denoting any individual member of a class; a count noun (frequently opposed to material noun).

class pride US English

Pride in one's social class.

class suit US English

= class action.

class term US English

A general name for a set or category of things.

class-wise US English

According to class; in terms of class.

class word US English

= class name.

club class US English

A class of seating on an aircraft that is superior to economy class but less expensive than first class, intended especially for people travelling on business

first class US English

A set of people or things grouped together as the best

form class US English

A class of linguistic forms with grammatical or syntactic features in common; a part of speech or subset of a part of speech

good-class US English

Of a good standard or quality.

high-class US English

Of a high standard, quality, or social class

life class US English

An art class in which students practise drawing or painting the human figure using a live model

lower class US English

The social group that has the lowest status; the working class

multi-class US English

Having or involving representatives of several classes, especially social classes.

pivot class US English

The class of pivot words.

root class US English

(In certain Indo-European languages) a class of verbs in which the present stem is identical with the root.

shop class US English

A class in which practical skills such as carpentry or engineering are taught

third class US English

A group of people or things considered together as third best

upper class US English

The social group that has the highest status in society, especially the aristocracy

word class US English

A category of words of similar form or function; a part of speech

world-class US English

(Of a person, thing, or activity) of or among the best in the world

year class US English

The individual animals of a particular species (especially a fish) that were born in any one year

first-class US Thesaurus

a first-class hotel

high-class US Thesaurus

the casino's high-class hotel

upper-class US Thesaurus

our upper-class relations look down on us

cattle class US English

The cheapest class of seats on an aircraft

class action US English

A lawsuit filed or defended by an individual or small group acting on behalf of a large group

class concept US English

= class notion.

class-fellow US English

A student in the same class as another at school, college, or university.

class firing US English

Trial shooting used to assign rifle shooters (originally military riflemen) to a class according to level of skill.

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