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climatic US English

Relating to climate

climatic change US English

= climate change.

climatic climax US English

(In the theory of F. E. Clements) a stable ecological community characterized as the typical end point of succession in a particular climatic region.

climatic optimum US English

A set of climatic conditions which are most favourable for a particular species or for human comfort and health (rare).

bioclimatic US English

Of or relating to the interrelation of climate and the activities and distribution of living organisms

Climatic Optimum in climatic optimum US English

Palaeontology and Archaeol. any of various historical or (usually) prehistoric periods characterized by comparatively warm and dry conditions compared to the preceding and following periods, specifically (also Climatic Optimum) such a period which occurred in northern latitudes in the early Holocene, after the last glaciation (approx. 9000 to 5000 years ago, but varying with location).