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cluster US English

A group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together

cluster US Thesaurus

clusters of berries

cluster fly US English

A fly that often enters buildings in large numbers during the autumn while looking for a place to overwinter

cluster bean US English

Another term for guar.

cluster bomb US English

A bomb that releases a number of projectiles on impact to injure or damage personnel and vehicles

metal cluster US English

A compound consisting of or containing a group of metal atoms (sometimes associated with non-metal atoms) linked together by covalent or coordinate bonds.

note cluster US English

A chord containing a number of closely adjacent notes

open cluster US English

A relatively loose grouping of stars

tone cluster US English

Another term for note cluster.

cancer cluster US English

A geographic area with a statistically higher than average occurrence of cancer among its residents

galaxy cluster US English

A cluster of galaxies.

moving cluster US English

An open cluster of stars which appear to share a common motion through space, and the distance of which can be determined from measurements of the motions of the individual stars.

cluster headache US English

A type of severe headache that tends to recur over a period of several weeks and in which the pain is usually limited to one side of the head

galactic cluster US English

The cluster of stars including the sun and the Milky Way (now disused).

globular cluster US English

A large compact spherical star cluster, typically of old stars in the outer regions of a galaxy

oak leaf cluster US English

An attachment to a military decoration depicting a twig with oak leaves and acorns, indicating distinguished action or a subsequent award of the same decoration

clusterfuck US English

A disastrously mishandled situation or undertaking

supercluster US English

A cluster of galaxies which themselves occur as clusters

Abell cluster in Abell US English

Attributive and in the possessive. Designating rich galaxy clusters listed in Abell's catalogue; relating to such clusters. Frequently in Abell cluster.