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coat US English

An outer garment worn outdoors, having sleeves and typically extending below the hips

coat US Thesaurus

a winter coat

base coat US English

A preliminary coating used to prepare a surface for a subsequent or finishing coat: a substance used as such a coating.

blue coat US English

A person who wears a blue uniform, in particular

body coat US English

A coat fitting more or less closely to the body, †a dress coat (obsolete).

car coat US English

A short, square-cut style of coat designed to be worn when driving a car

lab coat US English

A white protective coat worn by workers in a laboratory

one-coat US English

(Of a paint, plaster, etc.) that needs only one application to a surface.

polo coat US English

A type of camel-hair coat, originally worn at sporting events such as polo matches.

pump coat US English

A canvas covering round a pump on the deck of a ship to prevent water getting in to the hold.

robe coat US English

A type of sleeved dress, especially one worn by girls or young women.

sack coat US English

A loose-fitting coat hanging straight down from the shoulders, particularly as worn by men (sometimes as part of military uniform) in the 19th and early 20th centuries

seed coat US English

The protective outer coat of a seed

skim coat US English

= setting coat.

skin coat US English

A coat made of skin.

tack coat US English

(In roadmaking) a thin coating of tar or asphalt applied before a road is paved to form an adhesive bond

Afghan coat US English

A kind of sheepskin coat with the skin outside, typically having a shaggy border

birth coat US English

The covering of fur or hair with which a mammal, especially a lamb, is born.

black coat US English

A person who wears a black coat as the typical dress of a particular occupation; specifically a clergyman, a parson (depreciative).

coat armor US English

Heraldic arms

coat check US English

A cloakroom with an attendant

coat dress US English

A woman’s tailored dress, typically fastening down the front and resembling a coat

covert coat US English

A short, light overcoat designed to be worn for outdoor sports such as shooting and riding

dress coat US English

Another term for tailcoat.

duffel coat US English

A coat made of duffel, typically hooded and fastened with toggles

first coat US English

The first layer of a substance covering a surface, especially plaster or paint.

frock coat US English

A man’s double-breasted, long-skirted coat, now worn chiefly on formal occasions

green-coat US English

A person who wears a green coat, especially a member of a military force distinguished by wearing green coats.

multi-coat US English

Consisting of, covered with, or involving several layers or coats; (specifically of paint) requiring the application of more than one coat.

pearl-coat US English

(Especially of a pill) that is covered with a smooth pearly coating.

pilot coat US English

= pea-jacket.

poodle coat US English

A coat made of poodle cloth.

powder-coat US English

Cover (an object) with a polyester or epoxy powder, which is then heated to fuse into a protective layer

privy coat US English

An armoured coat (usually of chain mail) worn concealed under ordinary clothing.

reefer coat US English

= reefer jacket.

riding coat US English

A coat, especially a waterproof overcoat, worn for horse riding. In later use also: a similar garment not designed to be used for riding.

rifle coat US English

= rifle frock.

roller coat US English

To coat (a surface) using a roller; to apply (a coating) to a surface using a roller; compare earlier roller coating.

rough coat US English

The first coat of plaster applied to a wall or other surface.

russet coat US English

A coat of russet cloth or colour, typically worn by a humble or rustic person.

rusty-coat US English

Of a fruit: having a russet skin. Usually attributive.

sport coat US English

A man’s jacket resembling a suit jacket, for informal wear

swing coat US English

A coat cut so as to swing when the wearer moves

trench coat US English

A loose, belted, double-breasted raincoat in a military style

white coat US English

A long white protective garment worn by doctors, hospital attendants, and laboratory workers

blanket coat US English

A coat made from a blanket or from blanketlike material

coat checker US English

A cloakroom attendant

mandarin coat US English

A long, loose, embroidered silk coat with wide sleeves.

matinee coat US English

A baby’s short coat

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