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column US English

An upright pillar, typically cylindrical and made of stone or concrete, supporting an entablature, arch, or other structure or standing alone as a monument

column US Thesaurus

arches supported by massive columns

cell column US English

Anatomy a cylindrical or linear array of cells, especially in the central nervous system.

column inch US English

A one-inch length of a column in a newspaper or magazine

advice column US English

A column in a newspaper or periodical that provides practical advice in response to readers' questions, especially regarding personal problems.

agony column US English

A column in a newspaper or magazine offering advice on personal problems to readers who write in

fifth column US English

A group within a country at war who are sympathetic to or working for its enemies

gossip column US English

A section of a newspaper devoted to gossip about well-known people

Lally column US English

A tubular steel column filled with concrete and used as a supporting member in a building

money column US English

A column in a newspaper devoted to financial matters.

multi-column US English

Having or involving multiple columns.

muscle column US English

A bundle of myofibrils in the cytoplasm of a muscle cell.

pulse column US English

= pulsed column.

pulsed column US English

A column used for solvent extraction in which the flow of solvent and feed liquid is disrupted by a mechanically or pneumatically induced pulsing action, which promotes mixing of the two phases.

route column US English

= column of route.

social column US English

= society column.

spinal column US English

The spine; the backbone

electric column US English

A form of the voltaic pile; now historical.

Nelson's Column US English

A memorial to Lord Nelson in Trafalgar Square, London, consisting of a column 58 metres (170 feet) high surmounted by his statue

opinion column US English

A column in a newspaper or periodical which contains an opinion piece; an article in such a column.

personal column US English

A section of a newspaper devoted to personal ads

quarter column US English

A formation in which columns of troops march close together, one behind another.

society column US English

A column in a newspaper or magazine that reports the activities of members of fashionable or wealthy society.

steering column US English

A shaft that connects the steering wheel of a vehicle to the rest of the steering mechanism

rectifying column US English

A columnar apparatus in which a substance being distilled is subjected to successive stages of purification by repeatedly condensing and redistilling the vapour.

vertebral column US English

Another term for spinal column.

correspondence column US English

The part of a newspaper, magazine, or journal that contains letters from readers

fractionating column US English

A tall, horizontally subdivided or packed container for fractional distillation in which vapor passes upward and condensing liquid flows downward. The vapor becomes progressively enriched in more volatile components as it ascends, and the less volatile components become concentrated in the descending liquid, which can be drawn off

lonely hearts column US English

A newspaper or magazine column containing advertisements from readers looking for a partner or lover

ocular dominance column US English

Any of the vertical columns of neurons in the visual cortex that respond selectively to input from one eye.

Osiride column in Osiride US English

Of, relating to, or depicting the Egyptian god Osiris; = Osirian.