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come US English

Move or travel toward or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker

the wheel has turned full circle US English

The situation has returned to what it was in the past, as if completing a cycle

come in come US English

Move or travel toward or into a place thought of as near or familiar to the speaker

to come US English

(Following a noun) in the future

bring to life US English

Regain or cause to regain consciousness or return as if from death

bring to light US English

Make (or become) widely known or evident

be late to the party US English

Become aware of or get involved in something long after others

rain or shine US English

Whether it rains or not

go with the territory US English

Be an unavoidable result of a particular situation

to come in come US English

(Following a noun) in the future

come US Thesaurus

come and listen

come at US English

Launch oneself at (someone); attack

come by US English

Call casually and briefly as a visitor

come in US English

Join or become involved in an enterprise

come of US English

Result from

come on US English

(Of a state or condition) start to arrive or happen

come-on US English

A gesture or remark that is intended to attract someone sexually

come to US English

Recover consciousness

come up US English

(Of an issue, situation, or problem) occur or present itself, especially unexpectedly

come-on US Thesaurus

the $200 rebate is a come-on for prospective car buyers

how come? US English

Said when asking how or why something happened or is the case

come away US English

Be left with a specified feeling, impression, or result after doing something

come back US English

(In sports) recover from a deficit

come down US English

(Of a building or other structure) collapse or be demolished

come for US English

(Of police or other officials) arrive to arrest or detain (someone)

come from US English

Originate in; have as its source

come into US English

Suddenly receive (money or property), especially by inheriting it

come off US English

(Of an action) succeed; be accomplished

come out US English

(Of a fact) emerge; become known

come over US English

(Of a feeling or manner) begin to affect (someone)

come upon US English

Attack by surprise

come shot US English

A sequence, in a pornographic film, showing ejaculation.

come home US English

Play the second nine holes in a round of eighteen holes

new-come US English

That has newly or recently arrived.

pre-come US English

= pre-ejaculate.

come true US English

Actually happen or become the case

come clean US English

Be completely honest; keep nothing hidden

come close US English

Almost achieve or do

come again? US English

Used to ask someone to repeat or explain something they have said

come about US English

Happen; take place

come across US English

Meet or find by chance

come after US English

Pursue or hunt down (someone)

come along US English

Said when encouraging someone or telling them to hurry up

come-along US English

A hand-operated winch

come around US English

Recover consciousness

come before US English

Be dealt with by (a judge or court)

come under US English

Be classified as or among

come-hither US English

Flirtatious; sexually inviting

come-outer US English

A person who dissociates himself or herself from an organization

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