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concert US English

A musical performance given in public, typically by several performers or of several separate compositions

concert US Thesaurus

a concert at Woolsey Hall featuring a pianist from Estonia

in concert US English

Acting jointly

concert band US English

A relatively large group of brass, woodwind, and percussion players that performs in a concert hall, as distinguished from a marching band

concert grand US English

The largest size of grand piano, up to 12 feet (2.75 m) long, that produces enough sound to be used for concerts in large halls

concert hall US English

A large public building designed for the performance of concerts

concert party US English

A group of performers giving variety concerts

concert pitch US English

A standard for the tuning of musical instruments, internationally agreed upon in 1960, in which the note A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz

concert pianist US English

A classical pianist who regularly performs as a soloist in concert performances

concert overture US English

A piece of music in the style of an overture but intended for independent performance

promenade concert US English

A concert of classical music at which a part of the audience stands in an area that has no seating, for which tickets are sold at a reduced price. The most famous series of such concerts is the annual BBC Promenade Concerts (known as the Proms), instituted by Sir Henry Wood (1869–1944) in 1895 and held since World War II chiefly in the Albert Hall in London

concert performance US English

A performance of a piece of music written for an opera, ballet, religious service, etc., at a concert without the accompanying dramatic action, dance, or liturgy

subscription concert US English

One of a series of concerts for which tickets are sold mainly in advance

concertgoer US English

A person who attends a concert, especially one who does so regularly

preconcert US English

Arrange or organize (something) in advance

in concert in concert US Thesaurus

academic programs must work in concert with research