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cone US English

A solid or hollow object that tapers from a circular or roughly circular base to a point

fir cone US English

The dry fruit of a fir tree or other conifer

head cone US English

A conical appendage, present in two or three pairs, surrounding the mouth of some pteropod molluscs.

mud cone US English

A cone formed by the accumulation of hardened mud round the vent of a mud volcano.

nose cone US English

The cone-shaped nose of a rocket or aircraft

null cone US English

= light cone.

pine cone US English

The conical or rounded woody fruit of a pine tree, with scales that open to release the seeds

pure-cone US English

(Of an animal, or its eye or retina) having only cones as photoreceptors.

snow cone US English

A paper cup filled with fruit-flavored crushed ice

cinder cone US English

A cone formed around a volcanic vent by fragments of lava thrown out during eruptions

cone biopsy US English

A surgical procedure in which a cone-shaped segment of tissue from the uterus is removed for examination

cone-shaped US English

Having the shape of a cone, tapering from a round base to a point

cone shell US English

Shell a predatory mollusk of warm seas, with a conical shell that typically displays intricate patterns. It captures prey by injecting venom, which can be lethal to humans, and the shells are popular with collectors

light cone US English

A surface in space-time, represented as a cone in three dimensions, comprising all the points from which a light signal would reach a given point (at the apex) simultaneously, and that therefore appear simultaneous to an observer at the apex

obtuse cone US English

A cone whose section by a plane through the axis has an obtuse angle at the vertex.

pulley cone US English

A cone having a series of circular grooves around its axis, equivalent to a set of pulley wheels of gradually increasing radius.

storm cone US English

(In the UK) a black conical object hoisted by coastguards as a gale warning, the number and arrangement of cones giving information about wind direction and strength

alluvial cone US English

A conical deposit of alluvium, especially a steeply sloping alluvial fan.

chamber cone US English

A tapered passage connecting the chamber and bore of a shotgun.

shatter cone US English

A fluted conical structure produced in rock by intense mechanical shock, such as that associated with meteoritic impact

Southern Cone US English

The region of South America comprising the countries of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile

volcanic cone US English

A conical structure built up by ejecta around the vent of a volcano; a volcano of conical form.

parasitic cone US English

A small or subsidiary cone on the side of a volcano or vent.

crystalline cone US English

(In the compound eyes of many insects, crustacea, and other arthropods) a hard, refractive, conical body below the cornea of each ommatidium.

ice cream cone US English

A cone-shaped wafer filled with ice cream

pine-cone fish US English

Any of several small, oval marine fishes constituting the Indo-Pacific family Monocentridae, which are armoured with large heavy scales and have light organs on the lower jaw.

cone of silence US English

An imaginary device that prevents eavesdropping on a private conversation

sno-cone in snow cone US English

A paper cup filled with fruit-flavored crushed ice

conehead US English

A small bush cricket that is mostly active by day and sings for long periods without stopping

traffic cone in cone US English

A plastic cone-shaped object that is used to separate off or close sections of a road

pyrometric cone in cone US English

A ceramic pyramid that melts at a known temperature and is used to indicate the temperature of a kiln

right circular cone in cone US English

A surface or solid figure generated by the straight lines that pass from a circle or other closed curve to a single point (the vertex) not in the same plane as the curve. A cone with the vertex perpendicularly over the center of a circular base is a right circular cone

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