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conference US English

A formal meeting for discussion

Conference US English

A dessert pear of a firm-fleshed variety

conference US Thesaurus

an international conference

in conference US English

In a meeting; engaged in discussions

case conference US English

A meeting of professionals such as teachers or social workers to discuss a particular case

news conference US English

A press conference

audio conference US English

A form of teleconference in which participants at different locations can hear, but not see, each other.

Lambeth Conference US English

An assembly of bishops from the Anglican Communion, usually held every ten years (since 1867) at Lambeth Palace and presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Potsdam Conference US English

A meeting held in Potsdam in the summer of 1945 among US, Soviet, and British leaders that established principles for the Allied occupation of Germany following the end of World War II

press conference US English

An interview given to journalists by a prominent person in order to make an announcement or answer questions

story conference US English

A meeting of editorial and production staff to discuss the content of a script, or to plan future storylines.

Yalta Conference US English

A meeting between the Allied leaders Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin in February 1945 at Yalta, a Crimean port on the Black Sea. The leaders planned the final stages of World War II and agreed on the subsequent territorial division of Europe

Conference on Disarmament US English

A committee of 65 member nations that seeks to negotiate multilateral disarmament

in conference in conference US English

In a meeting; engaged in discussions

videoconference US English

A conference in which participants in different locations are able to communicate with each other in sound and vision

Pugwash conferences US English

A series of international conferences first held in Pugwash (a village in Nova Scotia) in 1957 by scientists to promote the peaceful application of scientific discoveries

sidebar conference in sidebar US English

(In a court of law) a discussion between the lawyers and the judge held out of earshot of the jury