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corporal1 US English

A low-ranking noncommissioned officer in the armed forces, in particular (in the US Army) an NCO ranking above private first class and below sergeant or (in the US Marine Corps) an NCO ranking above lance corporal and below sergeant

corporal2 US English

Of or relating to the human body

corporal3 US English

A cloth on which the chalice and paten are placed during the celebration of the Eucharist

corporal in fallfish US English

A North American freshwater fish resembling the chub. Also called corporal

lance corporal US English

An enlisted person in the US Marine Corps ranking above private first class and below corporal

Little Corporal US English

A nickname for Napoleon

orderly corporal US English

A corporal who attends upon an officer to carry orders or messages.

corporal punishment US English

Physical punishment, such as caning or flogging