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country US English

A nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory

country US Thesaurus

foreign countries

the country in country US English

The people of a nation

alt-country US English

A style of country music that is influenced by alternative rock

country ham US English

A ham that is dry-cured with salt before smoking

in-country US English

In a country rather than operating from outside but in relation to it

old country US English

The native country of a person who has gone to live abroad

Amish Country US English

Name for areas, chiefly in southeastern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio, that are inhabited by the Amish

Black Country US English

A district of the English Midlands with much heavy industry

Cajun Country US English

A region of southern Louisiana that is inhabited largely by Cajuns, who are descendants of 18th-century exiles from Acadia, now Nova Scotia

country blues US English

A simple form of blues in which the singer is accompanied by an acoustic guitar

country club US English

A club with sporting and social facilities, set in a suburban area

country dance US English

A traditional type of social English dance, in particular one performed by couples facing each other in long lines

country-fried US English

(Of an item of food) covered in batter, flour, or breadcrumbs and fried

country house US English

A large house in the country, typically the home of a wealthy or aristocratic family

country mile US English

A very long way

country music US English

A form of popular music originating in the rural southern US. It is traditionally a mixture of ballads and dance tunes played characteristically on fiddle, guitar, steel guitar, drums, and keyboard

country party US English

A political party supporting agricultural rather than manufacturing interests

country rock1 US English

The rock that encloses a mineral deposit, igneous intrusion, or other feature

country rock2 US English

A type of popular music that is a blend of rock and country music

country seat US English

A large country house and estate belonging to an aristocratic family

cross-country US English

Across fields or countryside, as opposed to on roads or tracks

God's country US English

An area or region, especially a peaceful, rural one, supposedly favored by God

high-country US English

Of or relating to land above the piedmont and below the timberline

north country US English

The northern part of a country, for example the part of England north of the River Humber

North Country US English

In New York State, areas north of the Mohawk and Hudson rivers that extend to the St. Lawrence Valley and Lake Ontario

stone country US English

A flat, arid, stony region of inland Australia

third country US English

A Third World country

tiger country US English

Remote and inaccessible parts of a country

West Country US English

The southwestern counties of England

Basque Country US English

A region of the western Pyrenees in both France and Spain, the homeland of the Basque people

Channel Country US English

An area of SW Queensland and NE South Australia, watered intermittently by natural channels, where rich grasslands produced by the summer rains provide grazing for cattle

across country US English

Not keeping to roads

country cousin US English

A person with an unsophisticated and provincial appearance or manners

mother country US English

A country in relation to its colonies

outlaw country US English

A genre of country music that draws from an earlier raw honky-tonk style, largely as a response to the more clean-cut image of mainstream country music

relief country US English

Pasture available for use by livestock brought from areas affected by drought

summer country US English

Fertile land with reliable rainfall in summer

country gentleman US English

A rich man of good social standing who owns and lives in a large rural property

developing country US English

A poor agricultural country that is seeking to become more advanced economically and socially

Town 'n' Country US English

A residential community in western Florida, northwest of Tampa; population 72,523 (2000)

Big Sky Country US English

A nickname for the state of Montana.

less-developed country US English

A nonindustrialized or Third World country

country and western US English

Another term for country music.

it's a free country US English

Said when asserting that a course of action is not illegal or forbidden, often in justification of it

bumpkin US English

An unsophisticated or socially awkward person from the countryside

flee US English

Run away from (someone or something)

across country in country US English

Not keeping to roads

backcountry US English

Sparsely inhabited rural areas; wilderness

countrified US English

Reminiscent or characteristic of the country, especially in being unsophisticated

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