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couple US English

Two individuals of the same sort considered together

It in it1 US English

Denoting a person or thing that is exceptionally fashionable, popular, or successful at a particular time

couple up in couple US English

Join to form a pair

decouple US English

Separate, disengage, or dissociate (something) from something else

couple US Thesaurus

the next couple is a sister act from Trenton

couple English-Spanish

pareja f

couple up English-Spanish


the happy couple in couple English-Spanish

los recién casados, los novios

the engaged couple in engaged English-Spanish

los prometidos, los novios

the honeymoon couple in honeymoon English-Spanish

la pareja de recién casados

a thirty-something couple in -something English-Spanish

una pareja de treinta y tantos años, una pareja de treinta años y pico

we had a couple of jars in jar English-Spanish

nos tomamos un par de cervezas

after a couple of listens … in listen English-Spanish

después de escucharlo un par de veces …

I think he'd had a couple in couple English-Spanish

creo que tenía unas copas de más

we passed a couple of joggers in jogger English-Spanish

pasamos a dos que iban corriendo

they make an unlikely couple in unlikely English-Spanish

forman una extraña pareja, son una pareja dispareja

turn back a couple of pages in turn English-Spanish

vuelvan atrás un par de páginas

a couple of drinks and she's away in away English-Spanish

se toma un par de copas y se desata

can you lend me a couple of pounds? in couple English-Spanish

¿puedes prestarme un par de libras?

he honked his horn a couple of times in honk English-Spanish

tocó el claxon, pegó un par de bocinazos

I met a retired couple from Bristol in retired English-Spanish

conocí a una pareja de jubilados de Bristol

we laid over a couple of days in Paris in lay English-Spanish

nos quedamos un par de días en París

we laid over a couple of days in Paris in lay over English-Spanish

nos quedamos un par de días en París

the royal couple mingled with the guests in mingle English-Spanish

la pareja real circuló entre los invitados

they eased me of a couple of hundred dollars in ease English-Spanish

me aligeraron de unos doscientos dólares

you'll be hearing from us in a couple of weeks in hear English-Spanish

dentro de unas semanas nos pondremos en contacto con usted

we skipped over to Paris for a couple of days in skip English-Spanish

nos hicimos una escapada a París a pasar un par de días

we toasted the happy couple with o in champagne in toast English-Spanish

brindamos por la feliz pareja con champán

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