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crown US English

A circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels

the Crown in crown US English

The reigning monarch, representing a country’s government

metric crown in crown US English

A paper size, now standardized at 384 × 504 mm

be crowned in crown US English

Ceremonially place a crown on the head of (someone) in order to invest them as a monarch

crown US Thesaurus

a jeweled crown

crown bar US English

Engineering a horizontal bar supporting the crown of an arch or tunnel, or the crown sheet in a steam engine.

crown bud US English

A bud on the crown of a root or tuber.

crown day US English

A day on which a king, emperor, or pope is present in person, wearing his crown (now historical).

crown end US English

The end of a root or tuber that forms a crown.

crown law US English

Law in which the Crown is a party; specifically the part of common law which relates to the treatment of crimes, the criminal law.

crown pin US English

A pin or stopper used to close or secure the top of something or as a point of attachment at the top of something.

crown rot US English

Any of various diseases of plants characterized by decay of the crown, and typically caused by fungi.

crown saw US English

Another term for hole saw.

crown tax US English

A tax payable to the Crown, originally specifically a tribute paid by the Jews to the kings of Syria.

civil crown US English

A crown or garland of oak leaves and acorns given in ancient Rome as a mark of distinction to a person who saved the life of a fellow-citizen in war.

crown agent US English

In Scotland, a law officer who takes charge of criminal proceedings, acting under the Lord Advocate.

crown arch US English

An arch or arched structure forming the roof of a tunnel, kiln, etc.

crown bark US English

Medicinal cinchona bark, especially of a type considered to be of superior quality.

crown beam US English

A transverse beam at the apex of a pair of beams that brace a structure.

crown beard US English

Any of various plants of the American genus Verbesina (family Asteraceae (Compositae)), including herbaceous plants, shrubs and small trees.

crown bird US English

A turaco (now historical).

crown bloom US English

The flower occurring at the apex of a stem or plant.

crown borer US English

Engineering = crown drill (now rare).

crown cork US English

A metal bottle cap with a crimped edge

Crown Court US English

(In England and Wales) a court of criminal jurisdiction, which deals with serious offences and appeals referred from the magistrates' courts

crown crane US English

= crowned crane.

crown daisy US English

An annual chrysanthemum of the Mediterranean region, Chrysanthemum coronarium, having white and yellow flowers, grown as an ornamental and (especially in East Asia) for its edible leaves.

crown debt US English

A debt due to the Crown, having preference over all other debts.

Crown Derby US English

A kind of soft-paste porcelain made at Derby, England, and often marked with a crown above the letter “D.”

crown drill US English

A drill with a bit in the form of a tube with projecting cutting edges.

crown-eater US English

(A nickname for) a Swiss in the pay of the French during the Reformation period of the early 16th cent.

crown ether US English

Any of a class of organic compounds whose molecules are large rings containing a number of ether linkages

crown fern US English

An evergreen fern of New Zealand, Blechnum discolor (family Blechnaceae), having a short upright stem and upright fronds with silvery undersides.

crown fire US English

A forest fire that spreads from treetop to treetop

crown gall US English

A bacterial disease of plants, especially fruit bushes and trees, that is characterized by large tumorlike galls on the roots and lower trunk

crown gate US English

= headgate.

crown gear US English

A gear having teeth at right angles to the plane of the wheel.

crown glass US English

Glass made without lead or iron, originally in a circular sheet. Formerly used in windows, it is now used as optical glass of low refractive index

crown gold US English

Gold of the quality of which crowns were coined.

crown graft US English

A graft made by crown grafting.

Crown grant US English

A grant of government-owned land made to an individual or company

crown green US English

A kind of bowling green which rises slightly towards the middle

crown group US English

The group consisting of all the living species of a clade together with their latest common ancestor and any of its extinct descendants; contrasted with stem group.

crown head US English

A king or queen; compare crowned.

crown jewel US English

The crown and other ornaments and jewelry worn or carried by the sovereign on certain state occasions

crown knot US English

A knot made tying the separate strands of an unlaid rope, used either as a temporary means of preventing the end of a rope from unlaying or as the first stage of making a back splice.

Crown land US English

Land belonging to the British Crown

crown lens US English

A lens made of crown glass and usually forming one component of an achromatic lens

crown lock US English

A long lock of hair grown on the crown of the head.

crown paper US English

Paper of a particular size or source, originally watermarked with the figure of a crown: see crown.

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