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crush US English

Deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully

crush bar US English

A bar in a theatre or opera house selling drinks to the audience in the interval

crush space US English

Space in a motor vehicle between occupants and a point of impact that can absorb some of the shock of collision

crush zone US English

Another term for crumple zone.

girl crush US English

An intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another

crush barrier US English

A barrier, especially a temporary one, for restraining a crowd

crush on in crush US English

Have a brief but intense infatuation for (someone)

crush US Thesaurus

essential oils are released when the herbs are crushed

crush English-Spanish


orange crush in crush English-Spanish

naranjada feminine

lemon crush in crush English-Spanish

limonada feminine

to have a crush on sb in crush English-Spanish

estar* chiflado por algn

it's just a schoolboy crush in crush English-Spanish

solo es un enamoramiento de adolescente

three people were injured in the crush in crush English-Spanish

tres personas resultaron heridas en el tumulto

they managed to crush seven people into the car in crush English-Spanish

consiguieron meter apretujadas a siete personas en el coche

the government moved swiftly to crush the rumor in crush English-Spanish

el gobierno actuó con rapidez para acallar el rumor

do you think we can all crush into the back? in crush English-Spanish

¿crees que nos podemos apretujar todos en la parte de atrás?

all the kids had a crush on Miss Spinetti in crush English-Spanish

todos los niños estaban chiflados por Miss Spinetti

she had a schoolgirl crush on her history teacher in schoolgirl English-Spanish

se enamoró como una loca del profesor de historia

it was a bit of a crush with eight people in the car in crush English-Spanish

con ocho personas en el coche se estaba un poco apretado