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cuff1 US English

The end part of a sleeve, where the material of the sleeve is turned back or a separate band is sewn on

cuff2 US English

Strike (someone) with an open hand, especially on the head

cuff US Thesaurus

Chris cuffed him on the head

French cuff US English

A shirt cuff that is folded back before fastening, creating a double-layered cuff

storm cuff US English

A tight-fitting inner cuff, typically an elasticized one, that prevents rain or wind from getting inside a coat

rotator cuff US English

A capsule with fused tendons that supports the arm at the shoulder joint and is often subject to athletic injury

off the cuff US English

Without preparation

cufflink US English

A device for fastening together the sides of a shirt cuff, often decorative

off the cuff in cuff1 US English

Without preparation

off the cuff in cuff US Thesaurus

an off-the-cuff remark