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currency US English

A system of money in general use in a particular country

currency US Thesaurus

foreign currency

currency lad US English

A native-born Australian man, as distinct from an immigrant

currency lass US English

A native-born Australian woman, as distinct from an immigrant

hard currency US English

Currency that is not likely to depreciate suddenly or to fluctuate greatly in value

non-currency US English

Lack of currency; the state or fact of being invalid or out of date. rare.

multi-currency US English

Relating to, dealing with, or usable with the currency of several countries.

postal currency US English

= postage currency.

single currency US English

A currency used by all the members of an economic federation

decimal currency US English

A system of currency in which the principal monetary unit is divided into 100 smaller units.

managed currency US English

A currency whose exchange rate is regulated or controlled by the government

postage currency US English

A paper currency of denominations less than a dollar, bearing a design depicting one or more postage stamps, which was issued during the American Civil War to replace the actual postage stamps then being used instead of lower denomination silver coin which was in short supply.

reserve currency US English

A strong currency widely used in international trade that a central bank is prepared to hold as part of its foreign exchange reserves

postage-stamp currency US English

= postage currency.

Rhode Island currency US English

Currency produced by the State (earlier Colony) of Rhode Island, in circulation from 1710 until the state adopted the United States dollar in 1793.

cryptocurrency US English

A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank

single European currency in single currency US English

The currency (the euro) that replaced the national currencies of twelve member states of the European Union in 2002

ECU US English

The former official monetary unit of the European Union, used to evaluate the exchange rates and reserves of members of the European Monetary System on a common basis and in trading Eurobonds. It was replaced by the euro