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date1 US English

The day of the month or year as specified by a number

date2 US English

A sweet, dark brown, oval fruit containing a hard stone, often eaten dried

to date US English

Until now

date US Thesaurus

the only date he has to remember

to date in date US Thesaurus

this is all the information we have to date

in date US English

Valid, current, unexpired; fashionable, in vogue; (of a perishable product) fit for use or consumption, not past the sell-by date. Also as adverb Opposed to out of date adverb. Compare also up to date adjective.

age-date US English

To establish the age or date of (an object, specimen, etc.) by scientific examination.

air date US English

The date on which a recorded program is to be broadcast

date box US English

A box containing rollers which can be turned to display the day and month through openings in the box's front (now rare).

date fish US English

A bivalve mollusc that bores into rock or wood; especially a date mussel.

date mark US English

A mark indicating the date; specifically a mark stamped or engraved on gold or silver plate, pottery, etc., denoting the year of manufacture or registration.

date-mark US English

Chiefly in pass. To mark with a date.

Date Line US English

An imaginary north-south line through the Pacific Ocean, adopted in 1884, to the east of which the date is a day earlier than it is to the west. It lies chiefly along the meridian furthest from Greenwich, England (i.e., longitude 180°), with diversions to pass around some island groups

date rape US English

Rape committed by someone with whom the victim has gone on a date

date wine US English

Wine made by fermenting the sap of the date palm.

due date US English

The date on which something falls due, especially the payment of a bill or the expected birth of a baby

hot date US English

A date with someone, offering prospects of a sexual encounter or a romantic relationship.

open date US English

A future date for which no event has yet been arranged

play date US English

A date and time set by parents for children to play together

pull-date US English

A date or code on a package of perishable goods indicating when it becomes unsuitable for sale; a sell-by date.

rain date US English

An alternative date for an event in case of inclement weather

blind date US English

A social engagement or date with a person one has not previously met

carbon-date US English

Determine the age or date of (organic matter) from the relative proportions of the carbon isotopes carbon-12 and carbon-14 that it contains

date-bearer US English

A date palm which bears fruit; a female date palm.

date brandy US English

An alcoholic drink distilled from the fermented sap of the date palm.

date letter US English

A letter stamped or engraved on gold or silver plate, pottery, etc., denoting the year of manufacture.

date movie US English

A film that might be suitable for watching on a date, especially one which is pleasant but somewhat innocuous, such as a romantic comedy.

date mussel US English

A brown, cigar-shaped bivalve mollusc which bores into limestone and coral

date night US English

A prearranged occasion on which an established couple, especially one with children, go for a night out together

date-shell US English

A date mussel.

date stamp US English

A stamped mark indicating a date, typically used on food packaging or mailed envelopes

date stone1 US English

The stone of a date.

date stone2 US English

An engraved stone embedded in a building or other structure, commemorating the date of construction and sometimes bearing other information, as the name or initials of the original owner, builder, etc.

date sugar US English

Sugar from the sap of the Indian wild date palm.

double date US English

A social outing in which two couples participate

retro-date US English

To put back to an earlier date.

return date US English

The date on which a specified person has been notified to appear in court or is due to perform another legal action.

sell-by date US English

A date marked on a perishable product indicating the recommended time by which it should be sold

use-by date US English

A date marked on a perishable product, especially a foodstuff, indicating the recommended date by which it should be used or consumed

Chinese date US English

Another term for jujube.

closing date US English

The last date by which something must be submitted for consideration, especially a job application

release date US English

The date on which something is released; (now especially) a date fixed in advance for the release of a film, recording, or similar product.

up to date US English

Incorporating the latest developments and trends

up to date US Thesaurus

up-to-date equipment

effective date US English

The date on which an order, ruling, appointment, etc., takes effect.

of even date US English

Of the same date

out of date US English


valuation date US English

The date on which an asset is officially appraised and priced

out of date US Thesaurus

this design is out of date

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