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defense US English

The action of defending from or resisting attack

defense US Thesaurus

the defense of the fortress

civil defense US English

The organization and training of civilians for the protection of lives and property during and after attacks in wartime

self-defense US English

The defense of one’s person or interests, especially through the use of physical force, which is permitted in certain cases as an answer to a charge of violent crime

zone defense US English

(In basketball, football, and hockey) a system of defensive play in which each player guards an allotted area of the field of play and guards an opponent only when the opponent is in his area

Indian defense US English

A defense in which Black responds to White’s advance of the queen’s pawn by moving the king’s knight to the f6 square, usually following with a fianchetto

defense mechanism US English

An automatic reaction of the body against disease-causing organisms

defense in depth US English

The practice of arranging defensive lines or fortifications so that they can defend each other, especially in case of an enemy incursion

Strategic Defense Initiative US English

A projected US system of defence against nuclear weapons, using satellites armed with lasers to intercept and destroy intercontinental ballistic missiles. The project was renamed the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization in 1993

biodefense US English

Defensive measures taken to protect against an attack using biological weapons

the defense in defense US English

The players in a team who defend the goal

eco-defence US English

Actions, typically involving sabotage or civil disobedience, undertaken with the aim of protecting the environment from perceived threats.

home defence US English

Organized defence of a country's home territory against attack or invasion. Also (frequently with capital initials): an armed force or division of the armed forces responsible for this.

man defence US English

A defensive strategy in a team ball game in which each player is responsible for marking one member of the opposing side.

pass defence US English

Defensive play aimed at preventing a pass being successfully completed by the offence.

run defence US English

Defensive play aimed at limiting the offensive team's gain from running the ball; an instance of defending in this way; contrasted with pass defence.

defense in depth in defense US English

The practice of arranging defensive lines or fortifications so that they can defend each other, especially in case of an enemy incursion

French defence US English

A defence in which Black replies with e6 to an opening move of e4 by White.

imperial defence US English

Defence of Great Britain and its dependent territories.

missile defence US English

A defensive system designed to repel enemy missile attacks, especially by the use of anti-ballistic missiles; frequently attributive designating such a system.

nickel defence US English

A defensive formation employing five players in the backfield.

prevent defence US English

A defensive strategy intended to prevent the completion of a long pass, especially one in which an additional pass defender plays in the deep field.

perceptual defence US English

A raising of the threshold of perception when the stimulus is emotionally charged in an unfavourable way.

reciprocal defence US English

A type of flanking defence found in permanent fortifications.

millionaire's defence US English

An argument presented by a wealthy defendant in a divorce settlement case to the effect that a full declaration of assets is not required, since the defendant can afford to pay a former spouse any reasonable amount set by the court.

National Defence Contribution US English

A tax levied to supplement military and defence spending; (British History) a tax on corporate profits introduced in 1937 to supplement the defence budget; abbreviated N.D.C.