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definition US English

A statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary

by definition US English

By its very nature; intrinsically

self-definition US English

Definition of one’s individuality and one’s role in life; such definition of a group by its members

high definition US English

A high degree of detail in an image or screen

nominal definition US English

A definition that describes something in terms of its properties, in order to distinguish it from other things, but without describing its underlying structure or essence

document type definition US English

A template that sets out the format and tag structure of an XML- or SGML-compliant document

by definition in definition US English

By its very nature; intrinsically

definition US Thesaurus

the definition of “intelligence”

definition English-Spanish

definición feminine

high-definition English-Spanish

de alta definición

high-definition television in high-definition English-Spanish

televisión feminine de alta definición

the plot lacked definition in definition English-Spanish

la trama argumental no estaba bien definida

what's your definition of good music? in definition English-Spanish

¿tú qué entiendes por buena música?

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