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definition US English

A statement of the exact meaning of a word, especially in a dictionary

definition US Thesaurus

the definition of “intelligence”

by definition US English

By its very nature; intrinsically

high definition US English

A high degree of detail in an image or screen

low definition US English

A low degree of definition in a televised image; also in extended use.

self-definition US English

Definition of one’s individuality and one’s role in life; such definition of a group by its members

genetic definition US English

Definition of a thing in terms of its origin, formation, or antecedents; an instance of this.

nominal definition US English

A definition that describes something in terms of its properties, in order to distinguish it from other things, but without describing its underlying structure or essence

ostensive definition US English

Explanation of the signification of a term by direct demonstration or by indication of an object to which it applies.

recursive definition US English

Definition of a function of the natural numbers in which its value for a given value of its argument is defined in terms of its values for other arguments; definition (of a function, word, etc.) by recursion; an instance of this.

document type definition US English

A template that sets out the format and tag structure of an XML- or SGML-compliant document

by definition in definition US English

By its very nature; intrinsically

redefinition US English

The action or process of defining something again or differently