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derecho US English

A line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds

derecho penal Spanish-English

criminal law

wing derecho Spanish-English

right wing

derecho divino Spanish-English

divine right

derecho comercial Spanish-English

commercial law

derecho comparado Spanish-English

comparative law

derecho mercantil Spanish-English

commercial law

derecho procesal Spanish-English

procedural law

derecho de acceso Spanish-English

right of access

derecho de asilo Spanish-English

right of asylum

derecho de gracia Spanish-English

prerogative of mercy

derecho de huelga Spanish-English

right to strike

derecho de pernada Spanish-English

droit de seigneur

derecho de reunión Spanish-English

right of assembly

derecho de tanteo Spanish-English

right of first refusal

derecho de visita Spanish-English

right of accessto children

derecho administrativo Spanish-English

administrative law

derecho internacional Spanish-English

international law

derecho de asociación Spanish-English

freedom of association

derecho de matrícula Spanish-English

registration fee

derecho de propiedad Spanish-English

right of ownership

derecho de retracto Spanish-English

right of repurchase

derecho de adquisición Spanish-English

acquisition rights, rights of acquisition

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